12,000 Doctors Urge Texas to Drop Meat Advertising Due to Health Concerns

The Texas Beef Council has been promoting meat consumption in doctors’ offices across Texas, as well as online. Dietitian Susan Levin said the promotions were a “a new low”. Dr Neal Barnard, who founded PCRM, revealed on Twitter that the organization has filed a complaint against the Texas Beef Council regarding the matter. The complaint was taken to the Texas attorney general’s office.

According to Express News, PCRM allege that the “state-designated, industry-funded council violates the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices-Consumer Protection Act by promoting beef industry-funded research at the expense of patient health.”…

Member of PCRM and cardiologist Dr. John Pippin told Express News that the beef council is using “fake science” to make their claims. Pippin stated, “what the Texas Beef Council is saying to the citizens of Texas is support your beef industry, eat beef. You’ll die younger, you’ll have heart attacks, you’ll have a stroke. You’ll have heart failure, but we’ll get rich.”…

Pippin said: “I don’t care how lean you want to make it, I don’t care if you trim all the fat and you breed the marbling out of it or what you do, it’s the saturated fat, the cholesterol, the heme iron — which affects oxidation in the blood — it’s all these things in dead cows that will kill you, and I’ve seen it in 20-plus years with my practice”…


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Sailesh Rao
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  • Rebecca Allen
    Posted at 05:27h, 28 January Reply

    Thank you so much.

    It is about the Texas Beef Council stopped spreading their deadly propaganda to the doctor’s offices.

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