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“There are three kinds of people – those that are immovable, those that are movable and those who move” – Benjamin Franklin.

Dear Climate Healer,

In any species, there are three kinds of members – those that are immovable, those that are movable and those who move. A species needs all three kinds to thrive. If the species only has immovable members, then that species will die out as it would be unable to adapt to changing environmental circumstances. If the species only has movable members, then the species may make rash decisions and die out as well.

The unique problem that humans face is that our immovable kind are primarily those with the most money and power and they deploy their resources to persuade our movable kind to move in the wrong direction and thereby unwittingly swell the ranks of the immovable and cement the status quo. Therefore, despite three decades of huffing and puffing on climate change, humanity has very little to show for it. Indeed, if world leaders had been trying to destroy the earth’s climate as quickly as possible, they couldn’t have done a better job of increasing atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations over the past three decades.

The Climate Bathtub problem formulation clearly shows that we need to shut down the Killing machine as quickly as possible if we are to survive on this planet. Yet Al Gore, Bill McKibben and the vast majority of global environmental leadership, deliberately ignore the Cow in the Room in their public pronouncements.

Al Gore, in particular, made it clear during the Climate Reality project training that his primary objective is to preserve civilization as we know it. But civilization as we know it is an unsustainable one based on the false axioms of consumerism and supremacism. Therefore, what is the point of preserving it?

Bill McKibben’s is primarily funded by the Rockefeller brothers and perhaps, they might also have the same motivation of preserving civilization as we know it.

While Climate Healing is the largest and greatest engineering project in the history of humanity, it requires specialized education outreaches to all three kinds of people in order for us to make progress. We need to educate those who move with the correct problem formulation so that they move in the right direction. We need to educate those who are movable about the false foundational axioms of our civilization and why we are facing a double Galilean moment in human history. Finally, we need to inform those that are immovable that we are fully aware of the machinations they employ to “preserve civilization as we know it.”

As Thomas Kuhn pointed out, we can best transform a system by pointing out the anomalies in the paradigm of the system and speaking loudly and with assurance about the new paradigm. We need to insert people with the new paradigm in places of public visibility and power. We ignore those that are immovable and work with those who move and influence the vast middle ground of people who are open-minded and movable.

Once Copernican heliocentrism was largely accepted and people abandoned the idea that the sun goes around the earth, there was no turning back on the scientific revolution of the 17th century. Likewise in this double Galilean moment in human history, once we accept the true axioms of inner peace and unity and abandon the false axioms of consumerism and supremacism, there will be no turning back on the sustainability revolution of the 21st century.

If you wish to learn more, I’m teaching a course on Sustainability starting next week through the Hindu University of America. Here are the details.

Let’s make this greatest transformation in human history happen sooner rather than later.

Eat plants.
Plant trees.
Love animals.
Heal the planet.

It’s that simple.

All the best,

Sailesh Rao on behalf of Vega, Cow and Climate Healer and the Climate Healers team.

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Sailesh Rao
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