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“Plunge into battle, but leave your heart at the lotus feet of the Lord”

— Bhagavad Gita

Today, as the COVID-19 pandemic rages throughout the world, we have two options before us to deal with it:

Option A) Mass vaccination using hastily tested vaccines manufactured by for-profit corporations with indemnity from liability and risk long-term side-effects worse than the virus itself just to continue abusing innocent animals unnecessarily, thereby inviting future pandemics and vaccine-resistant mutations of COVID-19 continuously, OR

Option B) Mass education and distribution of healthy immune boosting Vegan foods reducing the severity of COVID-19 infections and overcoming chronic diseases while allowing the animal kingdom to live in dignity, thereby drastically reducing the probability of future pandemics by orders of magnitude.

I will let future historians judge those who promote Option A at this time. I’m happy to say that the indigenous nations of the world have chosen Option B. According to Hereditary Chief Phil Lane, Jr. of the Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations,

“The passage of time we are in now, November 2 – December 22, 2020, will prove to be, for many, will be one of the most spiritually intense times that we, our parents, our children, and our grandchildren have and ever experience.

This is the time of beginning to spiritually understand and become “One Heart and One Mind, in Many Bodies” as envisioned by Crazy Horse. A time of unprecedented, unified action uplifting our Human Family and the emergence of the “Sacred Hoop of Many Hoops” as prophecied by Lakota Ogala Visionary, Black Elk.”

This is the time when Jupiter and Saturn are conjoined with the Sun and on Dec 21, all three will be conjoined with the Earth in the constellation Aquarius, signifying the dawn of the Age of Aquarius. In celebration, the indigenous communities are organizing a 11-day event, Dec 11-21, preparing for the “day that shall not be followed by night” on Dec 22, which is designated as Vegan day, with keynote speeches by Dr. Jane Goodall, Supreme Master Ching Hai and myself, among others.  For details, please check out globalfire.earth/home.

Brother Phil Lane has adopted a Vegan lifestyle in preparation for this event and he has lost 52 lbs and rejuvenated himself in the process. He goes on to say,

“While the old, outworn, corrupt materialistic systems surrounding us are breaking down, the emergence of a New Global Civilization, whose cornerstone is Justice, is dynamically unfolding, everywhere all at once!”

May his wise words ring true!

Vegan World 2026! : The Moonshot of Our Generation

UN Sustainable Development Goals
Sailesh Rao
  • Shannon McArthur
    Posted at 07:04h, 24 December Reply

    Thank you so very much, Sailesh Rao, for sharing this and for your unceasing work toward the More Beautiful World we are creating together through our every choice, though we know it not. The Plan is written by Greater Hands and we are guided along our paths under the illusion of control, All we control is our attitude and our word, and sometimes not even that – that’s when you gotta pay closest attention! Always honour the words that pop out of your mouth unintended. That’s how I heard “This is the fun part!” and since then I’ve always looked for it – it changes how I experience life,.. I recommend it. Bless you today, and every day after… this IS the fun part!

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