The Climate Healers Food Show

This show created and hosted by Doreet will be about looking at the plant-based Vegan world as a prescription for healing whatever ails us.

Episode 1: The Inner and Outer Climate

Launched on March 1, 2021 with special guest, Dr. Sailesh Rao

Rethink science.

Compassionate science can transform life in the community

Science is not bad, there is only bad science. We can use science to transform our world to make things better not worse and bring about permanent change.

Vegan World 2026! Convergence
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Re educate
our world.

Watch, learn and share.

It starts with Education. Eye-opening webinars that lay bare the untruths we are told, and which shine a light on the abuses of our planet and nature all carried out in the name of economic ‘growth’.