Are They Trying To Kill Us?

When it comes to third grade arithmetic, you know, addition and subtraction, our leaders appear to lack those simple skills.

The UN IPCC just issued its starkest warnings ever over our climate emergency and emphasized our need to do everything in our power to reverse it.

Yet, in his statement on the matter, UN Chief Antonio Guterres talked volumes about reducing fossil fuels, but not a word about animal agriculture.

Animal agriculture has been the “cow in the room” that climate scientists have studiously ignored, that the media has failed to cover, that politicians have avoided. This is beyond politics, this is downright genocidal while billionaires blast off into space with their earthly loot.

Here’s the third grade arithmetic for those of us who truly care for all life on earth…

When we shut the animal agriculture industry down, we will free up 40% of the ice-free land area of the planet. If we rewild that land, we can sequester over 2 Trillion tons of CO2 in vegetation and soil at maturity. Currently, vegetation and soil store 9 Trillion tons of CO2 despite the depredations of this industry, which has caused half the trees on the planet, 2-3 trillion trees, to be cut down and burnt.

We have emitted a little over 1.6 Trillion tons of CO2 from fossil fuels since 1850. Yet, our climate scientists and leaders can’t seem to figure out whether restoring the ecosystems that the animal agriculture industry destroyed can reverse climate change!

So, are they trying to kill us?

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  • Richard H. Schwartz
    Posted at 12:54h, 29 August Reply

    This is a very important initiative that I hope will have much success. To have a chance to leave a decent world for future generations, it is essential that there be a major shift to vegan diets. To help promote this shift, I am offering complimentary PDFs of the complete text and the cover picture of my latest book, VEGAN REVOLUTION: SAVING OUR WORLD, REVITALIZING JUDAISM, to everyone who emails me at and requests them..

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