The Pinky Promise that is Changing the World

Text of Speech by Kimaya Rainy Rao at the International Conference on Ancient Medical Sciences and Technology

Honorable Minister Dr. Mathiventhan, Chairman Dr. Ramasamy, Dr. Shan, Dr. Jaya, Dr. Akila and honored guests:

It is my privilege to speak to you today. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.

We are at a critical time in human history. We all know the facts. The earth’s climate is changing faster than expected. The world has seen record temperatures, fires and floods. People are dying due to climate change.

India had record temperatures of 62 deg Celsius, 143 deg Fahrenheit in May of this year. Birds were dropping dead out of the sky. Animals were dying in the streets due to the heat.

Wildfires have become so common in the American Southwest that fire season is now year round.

Record floods took the lives of dozens of people in Italy, China and Australia just in the past month.

Spain and Portugal are experiencing the driest climate in over 1000 years.

Wild animals are dying everywhere. Our waste and appetites are killing them.

These are the facts and they are not in dispute. But how we respond to these facts is up to us.

Benjamin Franklin said that there are three kinds of people: those that are immovable, those that are movable and those who move.

I am in the presence of those who move. I am pleading with you to move in the right direction.

We know what to do. Animals teach us every day on how to become better humans. Dogs teach us to be faithful and protective. Pigs teach us to be affectionate and curious. Sheep teach us to take care of each other. Cows teach us to be gentle and strong.

Our ancestors have also given us the knowledge to act wisely.

I am the daughter of three continents. My Akimel O’otham ancestors from the Valley of the Sun in North America taught me that all earth is sacred. The mountains are sacred, the rivers are sacred and all my fellow beings are sacred. They taught me that we must tread lightly in sacred relationship with our mother Earth if we wish to thrive on this planet.

My ancestors from Africa taught me about Ubuntu: I am because you are. I have taken the Ubuntu pledge: I pledge to honor and protect all the animals, people and the planet herself by following an infinitely sustainable, cruelty free, Vegan lifestyle that heals the climate and restores right relationships in the true spirit of Ubuntu.

I invite you all to take the Ubuntu pledge.

My ancestors from India taught me about Yoga and Ahimsa. Yoga showed me to look for happiness within myself.

I am beautiful from within.

Every one of us is beautiful from within.

Ahimsa is nonviolence towards all beings. Ahimsa is Veganism. India is the land of Ahimsa and also the birthplace of Yoga.

The solution to climate change is to build our lives around Yoga and Ahimsa. Look for happiness within. Be kind to all life.

This is not hard. This is especially not hard for the people of India.

I have a dream that the words of all my ancestors are put into action in our daily lives.

I have a dream that India will lead the world in building a new way of living around Yoga and Ahimsa.

I have a dream that schools, colleges and universities around the world will teach everyone to look for happiness within and be kind to all life.

I want to join such a school. I want to grow up and join such a university.

I call on those who move and those who are movable to create these schools and universities so that my relatives and I can look forward to a bright future on this planet.

A future in harmony with nature.

A future where animals are not afraid of humans.

A future where the climate of the planet is healed.

A future where no one goes hungry.

A future where the rivers run clean and the ocean has no trash.

We can do this.

If not us, who?

If not now, when?

Let us get to work.

Thank you. I love you all!

Humbly Submitted by
Sailesh Rao on behalf of Kimaya Rainy Rao, Vega, Cow and Climate Healer and the Climate Healers team.

A Lively Discussion on Veganism at IHM Goa
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Sailesh Rao
  • Paula Franklin
    Posted at 04:18h, 19 July Reply

    Shared to my facebook page. My heart is gushing.

  • Desmond Nazareth
    Posted at 04:23h, 19 July Reply

    Powerful and moving, especially the invoking of ancestors… All of us have to act, per our conscience and capability, to make Kimaya’s pinky promise a reality, even if for selfish reasons…

  • Abitha
    Posted at 23:13h, 19 July Reply

    Insightful and Impactful words by little angel Kimaya. It’s a wake-up call to each and every one of us to reflect on the current situation and play our part in every way to move from a heating planet to a healing planet.

  • Rafiya sultana
    Posted at 00:19h, 20 July Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this Sailesh. I am so proud of Kimaya Rainy Rao for her wisdom and compassion at such young age . What a heartfelt and powerful message . I am looking forward to learn more from her and see her grow as a catalyst of change with her contribution in creating a more harmonious and compassionate planet . .

  • Aneell Nagdev
    Posted at 02:32h, 20 July Reply

    Hi Kimaya Rainy Rao,

    We Are Movers and Shakers and we all are with you and will be with you till our last breath to save our planet earth and universe as a whole,

    I am also in resonance with your thoughts and I am here to make each and every living beings better on this planet earth,

    I am faithful and protective towards all around,

    I am affectionate and curious towards each and every thing,

    I believe entire world as my mother earth, so the mountains, the rocks, the oceans, the rivers, the animals, the fishes, the song of birds, the sun, the moon, along with all the living and non living things to sum up the entire universe is connected with us and inside us without all these we would have not been alive here,

    I am strong, gentle and I am taking care of all

    I am knowledgeable and also I have a thirst of knowledge and wisdom to share with all so they can also grow and thrive in creating movements just like us,

    I believe in strong ties and good relationships even my primary school friends are till today connected with me even at our times there was no internet and no computers so it shows that how connected I am with relationship as the thing which we get from from God that are Free to us and once they are broken or destroyed cannot come in the same form like a glass brittle in nature,

    I am already a believer of Ahimsa, Ubuntu, Self-actualisation, Enlightenment, Yoga, Meditation, Health Care, Wellness, Healing and more

    I love you, your thoughts, your mission, your purpose and I pledge and give you my pinky promise to walk on this path of my life’s journey whatever consequences or challenges may occur to me,

    Even if I am not Perfect I am trying my level best to be on the same lines to make others life easy, secured, happy with love compassion friendliness and interdependence, freedom for all to make this Universe a better place for all as a Whole, I am with you dear, I will be with you dear forever even if I am dead and gone after my life’s journey is over, I am sure I will be leaving my footprints and legacies so this will be practiced by each and every human being on our planet on a continuous basis.

    Dear if you need any help from us please be free to connect with me as it is my responsibility to be a better human, signing off for now,

    Dr. Anil Kumar Nagdev (Aneell Nagdev) Son of The Mother World and The Most Indigenous Online Business Ecosystem Strategist In The World 🙏🏽 💐 🙏🏽

  • Kelly
    Posted at 05:10h, 19 August Reply

    Such a special young woman. She gives me hope for the future of our beautiful Mother Earth! Honoured to be part of this beautiful organization.

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