Vegan World 2026! : The Moonshot of Our Generation

How do we manage human impact on the ecosystems of the planet? How do we manage the human economy so that human beings and nature thrive? How do we make decisions for the common good of nature and humanity? How do we manage our relationships with each other and with nature? How do we ensure that generations to come will preserve the sacredness of life on Earth? How Do We Get To A Vegan World By 2026? Explore some of the answers.

Episode 21 – Feb 23, 2021

Overcoming the Gates-Cooper Debacle, we are joined by Jane Velez-Mitchell and Rebecca Allen as we discuss how best to distill the Climate Healers Animal Agriculture position paper so that even a ten-year old like Kimaya can speak about it clearly.

Episode 19 – Feb 9, 2021

Why Food is Key! we are joined by Hemal Randerwala of GoDharmic, Sarah Sehgal, Jamen Shively and others from Food Healers, who are all working on providing healthy, immune-boosting Vegan food to those in need around the world.

Episode 20 – Feb 16, 2021

Reimagining our Global Civilization, joined by Tabay Atkins and his mother Sahel Anvarinejad to speak about his family’s cultural transformation and how we can reimagine our global civilization.

Episode 17 – Jan 26, 2021

Engineers Warning to Humanity : Vegan World 2026!

Episode 18 – Feb 2, 2021

Foundations of a Vegan World –  Vegan World 2026

Episode 15 – Jan 12, 2021

The GBN and Plantica : Vegan World 2026!

Episode 16 – Jan 19, 2021

Healing Our Mother : Vegan World 2026! Joined by Tabay Atkins and his mother Sahel Anvarinejad to speak about Yoga and the healing process.

Episode 13 – Dec 31, 2020

Making sense of what happened in 2020

Episode 14 – Jan 5, 2021

Justice for Animals. Joined by David Finney and Robert Gordon of Humane Being, UK, and Brother Phil Lane, Jr. and Jon Ramer of the Global Center for Indigenous Sciences and Ancestral Wisdom

Episode 11 – Dec 8, 2020

Enlightening Our Way Together joined by Adriana Alvarez, Jamen Shively and Jon Ramer

Episode 12 – Dec 22, 2020

Healing Indigenous Communities joined by Doreet Dijk of Elegantly Raw Doreet and Vincent Schilling of Schilling Media, co-host and producer of Native Trailblazers Radio.

Episode 9 – Nov 24, 2020

Food Healers: speaking with Joya Wesley and Rebecca Allen of Immune Boosters in Texas and Jamen Shively of the Food Healers of Whidbey Island, Washington.

Episode 10 – Dec 1, 2020

Food Healers part-2: speaking with Ian MacFarlane and his colleagues from the Ubuntu Wellness program in Cape Town, South Africa, Shalu Nijawan from SHARAN India and Aisha Robinson from Vegan Meals That Heal in Atlanta, Georgia.

Episode 7 – Nov 9, 2020

The Ecological Civilization: Speaking with Jeremy Lent, an author whose writings investigate the patterns of thought that have led our civilization to its current crisis of sustainability.

Episode 8 – Nov 16, 2020

The World Water Law: Speaking with Dr. Shelley Ostroff, an activist, leadership consultant, social architect and writer.

Episode 5 – Oct 26, 2020

Virtual Convergence: Speaking with Ray Kowalchuk, Rebecca Allen, Danielle Kent, Ankit Sura, Paige Parsons Roache and others who are helping organize the Vegan World 2026!

Episode 6 – Nov 2, 2020

Strategic Action Plan: Speaking with Jane Velez-Mitchell, Summer Rose and other Climate Healers.

Episode 3 – Oct 12, 2020

From Homo Sapiens to Homo Ahimsa: Speaking with Judy Carman, the co-founder of Vegan Spirituality and the author of “Peace to All Beings” and “Homo Ahimsa

Episode 4 – Oct 19, 2020

Distributed Trust Networks: Speaking with Sid Sthalekar of Holochain and Sacred Capital

Episode 1 – Sep 28, 2020

This weekly podcast on the Jane Unchained News Network features the power Vegans who are working diligently to create a Vegan World by 2026!

Episode 2 – Oct 5, 2020

The 7 Core Shifts: Speaking with Melvin Taylor, a social worker, grandfather and Climate Healer, who has worked extensively on the formation and refinement of the 7 Core Shifts, part of the foundational framework of Vegan World 2026!

Rethink science.

Compassionate science can transform life in the community

Science is not bad, there is only bad science. We can use science to transform our world to make things better not worse and bring about permanent change.

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