Year 2019: The Tipping Point for Vegan World 2026


“Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come!”

— Victor Hugo

It has been empirically established that when 10% of the population acquire a strong new ethic contrary to the majority, the majority will tip over to that new ethic quickly.

Veganism is the ethic that it is wrong to deliberately hurt innocent animals unnecessarily. The nice thing about Veganism is that an estimated 99.5% of the people on the planet subscribe to this ethic in their hearts already.

The other 0.5% are sociopaths.

Unfortunately, the other 0.5% control our political and socioeconomic systems and they have acculturated the majority of us to override this heartfelt ethic with our minds. They do this with their control of the mainstream media, telling us outright lies about protein and calcium, frightening us into doing the opposite of how we feel.

But lies fade, norms change and cultures evolve. I believe that the tipping point for our cultural evolution will occur this year when at least 10% of us consciously acknowledge that:

1) it is wrong to deliberately hurt innocent animals unnecessarily;
2) it is wrong to throw male baby chicks in a grinder;
3) it is wrong to take away babies from their birth mothers;
4) it is wrong to trash billions of tons of plastic in the ocean annually;
5) it is wrong to kill insects indiscriminately with pesticides;
6) it is wrong to pour herbicides on our food crops in order to harvest them;
7) it is wrong to promote food addiction in our children to known Group 1 carcinogens, sugar, oil and salt;
8) it is wrong to deliberately make people sick in order to profit from their chronic diseases;
9) it is wrong to pour 250 billion tons of toxic chemicals into our environment; and
10) it is wrong to subsidize animal foods and fossil fuels to the tune of trillions of dollars annually.

Perhaps if we do a random survey today, not just 10%, but a majority of humans would agree on these statements already! This is why the Economist magazine has already anointed 2019 as the Year of the Vegan! Tipping us over into acknowledging that our sociopathic civilization needs a major overhaul is the easy part.

The difficult part comes next. In his book, “Awareness,” the Jesuit priest, Fr. Anthony DeMello, states that the three most difficult things for human beings to do is to:
1) return love for hate;
2) include the excluded; and
3) admit that we were wrong.

One or more of these difficult things have to be done by the majority of us over the next 7 years if we are to take back our power and create a thriving Vegan World by 2026. This is a tough ask, but what choice do we have if we wish to prevent Year Zero?

The alternative is simply unthinkable!

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Sailesh Rao

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