Animal Agriculture overall is responsible for a staggering 87% of greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s time to address the cow in the room.


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I can’t help myself.

‘It’s not my fault, it’s yours. I naturally emit methane from both ends and always will. The real problem is the sheer number of us cows that you’ve put on the planet just to make your burgers. A billion cows, at least. That’s a lot of methane. You’re putting us in an impossible situation, if you weren’t intensively farming us animals, forcing us to over-graze and destroy plant life, the saved vegetation would sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, re-wild the planet and reverse climate change. Animal agriculture is the cow in the room, it’s time to address it. Now.’

If grazing lands were restored to forests, that could suck up the CO2 from all our fossil fuel emissions.

Bird flu.

I didn’t deserve it.

‘And now you’re going to catch it. Avian flu is a zoonotic infection with a natural reservoir almost entirely in us birds. By keeping us inhumanely crammed in cages in our thousands you encourage flu outbreaks and massive culls. And the worse news is that strains of avian flu are now mutating to become easily transmissible between humans. A new pandemic may soon be inevitable, but it’s also avoidable. Stop farming us and stop eating us.’

In November 2020, 2.2 billion chickens died 
or were slaughtered to contain bird flu.


I can’t swallow
any more.

‘And neither can you. Microplastics are solid plastic particles smaller than 5mm. Once in the sea, they don’t biodegrade so I end up eating them, even though I don’t want to. And then you eat them when you eat me. Exposure to microplastics in laboratory studies has been linked to a range of negative (eco)toxic and physical effects on living organisms. So stop dumping plastics in the sea and stop eating me.’

We catch and kill 1 to 3 trillion sea animals every year


I’m not greedy.

‘But you are. I keep to a normal weight if left alone, but you farm me intensively – over a billion pigs every year. Factory farming crams us in and we are made to eat so much we can barely walk, even if we had the room to walk at all. We’re fed on hormones to make us fat, fast. And when you eat me, you grow obese on all that I’ve been made to eat. Stop being greedy, stop eating me.’

Obesity-related conditions are some of the leading causes of preventable, premature deaths in humans.

What’s happening at COP26 and beyond

From food for the soul and stomach to food for the mind, we are transforming the discourse at COP26 and beyond.

Join the herd behind me as I ignore the manure being spread by Big Farma and instead send a vital message of solving climate change through ending the animal farming monstrosity....

Take it from us animals, your creative accounting, bad maths and simple lies have so far obscured the truth that you need to grasp.

Renewable energy and exhaust-free transportation are great, and should be encouraged, but they won’t begin to solve our climate crisis. You can no longer ignore the true causes of climate change. and we can’t let you.

Animal Agriculture.
Save all our lives – us animals and you humans. Here are five crucial facts we want you to act on.

1. Animal Agriculture is responsible for at least 87% of annual greenhouse gas emissions when opportunity costs are taken into account.

2. Every year you choose to continue consuming animals, you are choosing not to rewild the planet on the 37% of ice-free land that is currently used for grazing animals. This is the opportunity cost of animal agriculture.

3. The planet is being destroyed by both the Killing machine of animal agriculture and the Burning machine of fossil fuels and industry.

4. The safest way to shut down these two machines is to shut down the Killing machine as soon as possible and transition the Burning machine to clean energy at the rate of 11% per year over the next 9 years.

5. It is a waste of our precious remaining time for you to slowly move to clean energy whilst not tackling the Killing machine, which needs your immediate attention. You need to urgently change your priorities in order to be effective.

The people we are proud to have along side us

A big thank you from all us animals to the people who speak out and speak up for us and for you too.

Eat plants. Plant trees.

Love animals. Heal the planet.

Transform yourself.
Transform our world.

Vegan World by 2026