Eating Animals Causes Chronic Diseases – Day 10 of COP26

If They Ignore Me, They’re Trying To Kill Us

Obe, the Pig, asked me to hoof this letter to you today. He wants me to tell you about obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illnesses you contract from eating animals.

You eat us and that kills you. It’s as simple as that.

Your leaders know this, but they won’t tell you because they are scared of Big Farma. Big Farma is factory farming you too, not just us. As long as your leaders ignore me, they are acting like stooges of Big Farma.

Take it from Eric Adams, the new Mayor of New York. He freely admits that 22 years of eating junk food and too much meat had been the biggest contributor to his diabetes. He went plant-based, lost 35 pounds, got off his diabetes meds and never looked back.

He even got his amazing mother to follow his example. Eric Adams is featured in the new documentary, “They’re Trying To Kill Us.” Stay tuned as I will be making an important announcement about this documentary tomorrow.

A big moo out to The Guardian for helping me spread the word. Take your cue from The Guardian and please tell everyone you know to stop eating us!

Be a superhero. Join my herd. Let’s start a moovement together.

Yours faithfully,
Vega, Cow and Climate Healer

PS: You can watch The Cow in the Room Press Conference from yesterday here.

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