My Message to Boris Johnson – Day 11 of COP26

Why can’t you walk and chew cud at the same time?…

I’m only half impressed by PM Boris Johnson’s press conference today @cop26uk.

He says he urges delegates to “bridge the gap” between long term goals and immediate action “to keep 1.5 alive,” but he ignores one whole half of the problem.

Me. The Cow in the Room!

The PM says there is no excuse not to act because we know what is at stake. Or steak?

The PM has no excuse to keep me and my animal friends on the menu at COP26. As long as he moos out of both sides of his mouth, he will have difficulty making progress at COP26.

COP21 in Paris had only one Vegan dish on the menu. At COP26 in Glasgow, 40% of the menu items are Vegan. Therefore, inevitably, a future COP will be entirely Vegan. Why not make it this one, PM Johnson, if you truly want progress?

Enquiring minds want to know. The Guardian wants to know.

You can take action today, if you choose.

Be a superhero. Join my herd. Let’s start a moovement together.

Yours faithfully,
Vega, Cow and Climate Healer

PS: You can watch The Cow in the Room Press Conference from yesterday here.

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