Farewell, my Glascow herd! – Day 12 of COP26

Thank you for hosting me and my friends…

My work is done at COP26 in Glasgow. While the animal farming monstrosity is still off the agenda at COP26 and animals continue to be on the menu, we made progress on advancing our cause.

True, my pleas to Downing St and the White House have gone unheeded. If I were less of a lady cow, I might have given a sound tail lashing to those who continue to ignore me, the Cow in the Room. But as a lady cow, I have been taught to keep a stiff upper snout.

No matter, all in good time.

I was mooved to catch up with my growing herd of Vegan Superheroes in Glasgow. There are 20 all-Vegan restaurants in Glasgow, count em, 20! What a missed opportunity that they weren’t asked to cater COP26.

Never mind. The Vegan restaurant scene is thriving in Glasgow. Almost every restaurant was booked solid throughout the two weeks of my stay here. Luckily, Anna, Carl, Sailesh, Houdini and I enjoyed the hospitality at Mono Cafe and Bar in central Glasgow just the other day.

Plus, a big moo out to Mo and his crew at Soula cafe on Argyle St. whose delicious soups, wraps and salads kept us all going throughout the fortnight. And not to mention the amazing Soul Food Kitchen and GlasVegan, both part of the thriving vegan scene in Glasgow.

Also, how can I forget Big Joe Mulholland and the wonderful Glaswegans who helped us on the day of the Climate Justice rally? They clearly understood that there is no Climate Justice without justice for us, animals.

But it’s now time to get back to London and tend to my herd there. Farewell, my Glascow herd, a great big cow lick to all of you.

Be a superhero. Join my herd. Let’s start a moovement together.

Yours faithfully,
Vega, Cow and Climate Healer

PS: You can watch The Cow in the Room Press Conference from yesterday here.

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