Are You Still At It, Alok Sharma? – Day 13 of COP26

See you. Why can’t you see me?

Dear Alok Sharma,

I hear that you are all still burning the midnight oil at COP26 in Glasgow. Perhaps you should get used to it as long as you refuse to see me.

Even bats see me and fly around me. So why can’t you see me? All you had to do was to stick around during the Ahimsa event on Sun, Oct 31. Not only would you have seen me, you would have understood why it is so wrong to harm us animals. So many of my amazing human friends made that point crystal clear.

Or you could have attended any of the Cow in the Room Press Conferences in Durdle door in the Blue Zone on Nov 8-11. I was there helping Sailesh make my case.

But mooo, you were too busy taking animal agriculture off the agenda and putting animals on the menu at COP26. With the result you now have a dishonest and ineffective COP where country delegates are making vague pledges for distant dates.

Net zero by 2070, indeed! Serves you right for not seeing me.

The Cow in the Room.

Anyhow, I trust the Egyptian organizers of COP27 will take note. Take animals off the menu and put the disgusting animal farming monstrosity on the discussion agenda.

You humans have to stop messing about and get this right. We animals are ready to forgive you if you do the right thing. We know that time is of the essence. Take it from me, a cow who has done the maths.

Be a superhero. Join my herd. Let’s start a moovement together.

Yours faithfully,
Vega, Cow and Climate Healer

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