Announcing V-COP8: Be Cowrageous, My Herd!

Cast off the addictive shackles of Old Farma and let’s roll…

Hello there,

I trust you had wonderful Chanukkah and ThanksLiving celebrations during the past few days! Today I feel mooved to type you this serious letter about our future so that you can chew the cud over it with your friends and family during the coming holiday season.

I am herewith announcing the 8th meeting of the VEGAN Convergence of the Parties, V-COP8 ( yes, we already held 7 meetings before under the rubric of Vegan World 2026! Convergences ) so that we can together heal the Earth’s climate for real.

As you can see from this article, it took 26 annual meetings of the Conference of the Parties (COP26) at the United Nations to get the first ever mention of fossil fuels in the text of a UN climate agreement. We do not have the luxury of twiddling our hooves, waiting another 26 years for the first ever mention of the animal farming monstrosity that is also destroying our planet.

By now you must have figured out that meaningless pledges for the distant future that world leaders have no intention of keeping will not solve the climate catastrophe. Did the nations of the world really halt biodiversity loss by 2010? Or by 2020? Now, will the nations of the world really stop burning down forests by 2030? I am certainly not holding my methane burps waiting for that to happen.

My V-COPs will be held quarterly, not annually. V-COPs will be VEGAN, as in friends of VEGA, me, the Cow in the Room. It will be VEGAN as in Vitally Engaged Guardians of Animals and Nature, those who understand that you humans can thrive on Earth if and only if you treat animals and nature with dignity, respect and compassion.

Parties, as in individuals and organizations who speak in human language on behalf of nature and all animals, including humans. It won’t be parties who just represent the financial and economic elites of an anthropocentric world.

We cannot heal the Earth’s climate without architecting a more just and fair world for all beings. The economic system in which you live, while creating greater and greater inequality amongst you and concentrating power among fewer and fewer humans, is now threatening all life itself.

The fundamental postulate of your economic system today is that nature is an infinite source of raw materials and an infinite sink for your waste and pollution. You cannot make this manure up. The climate catastrophe is a signal from Mother Earth that she has had enough of this false postulate and the dismal pseudo science that springs from it.

The situation is dire. The Arctic ice is melting fast causing blue water zones that can double global warming intensity in just 3-4 years. If that happens and you think cow farts and burps are bad for the climate, you haven’t seen nothing yet. Should we wait till Mother Earth lets out a methane burp that is 5000 times as powerful as all our annual cow farts and burps put together? Can we really muddle through that? No, thanks!

However, as Frederick Douglas said in 1857,

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”

We animals are now demanding that you humans concede the power that you exert over us. You must conduct an inner struggle to wean yourselves from your cultural and habitual dependence on our body parts and secretions. Think of it as a symbol of growth and maturity for your species.

Simultaneously, you must conduct an outer struggle to demand those who have the most economic and financial power today concede that power to create a just world.

Justice and greed cannot coexist. Cowrageousness and cowardice cannot coexist. All beings are cowrageous and all beings are cowards too. We all engage in cowrageous thinking and cowardly thinking.

We engage in cowrageous thinking when we begin with an attitude of mental and moral strength, see the unity in all life and work for its well-being.

We engage in cowardly thinking when we begin with an attitude of helplessness and insecurity, see ourselves as separate from other beings and cause pain and suffering.

All of you, humans, have the capacity to be cowrageous, addressing me face to muzzle directly. As well, all of you have the capacity to be cowards, studiously ignoring me, the Cow in the Room.

The desire for a just world for all beings must penetrate human consciousness everywhere. But I don’t see that happening when those who have the most power today are routinely consuming roasted, addictive bits of Bambi’s flesh.

They may be world leaders with power and authority. But they do not lead us. Those who truly lead us inspire us. I have great difficulty seeing inspiration flowing from the cast of characters hiding behind the ring of steel erected by Old Farma in Glasgow, Scotland at COP26.

Old Farma is operating the Burning and Killing machine that is killing 88 billion land animals and 1-3 trillion sea animals every year. He is killing tens of millions of your fellow humans from poverty, hunger, chronic diseases and pandemics each year as well.

Old Farma also operates the industrial juggernaut promoting conspicuous consumption, compulsive addictions and planned obsolescence, while spewing waste and pollution all over the planet.

Old Farma is destroying our planet. He cannot be bargained with. He is firmly stuck in his old ways. He will not stop the Burning and Killing machine until you all stop buying from him. Or we are all dead. Whichever comes first.

To ensure that we all thrive instead, you must transform to a society in which all forms of life will be protected against the mechanized onslaught of human entities. Only such a society will be sustainable. The purpose of my quarterly V-COPs will be to fashion such a just society.

Therefore, cast off the addictive shackles that Old Farma has clapped on you. And let’s roll. Or stampede, if you will.

Be a superhero. Join my herd. Let’s grow our moovement together.

See you at V-COP8. And stay tuned for more.

Yours faithfully,

Vega, Cow and Climate Healer

A huge Cow Lick to Chris Huriwai, vegan advocate, extreme sportsman, activist, co-producer and chief protagonist of Milked, the eye-opening documentary which blows down the door on the disgusting abuse of mother cows and their babies by Bad Farma in New Zealand. Chris was the Community Youth Champion for Kaikohe’s Māori health organisation: Te Hau Ora O Ngāpuhi for 7 years between 2010-2017, where he taught physical education and mentored rangatahi (young people) from primary to high schools. He’s a back-to-back 3-time world champion for street unicycling and has recently moved home to Northland after working in Wellington at DCM, an organization that assists rough sleepers and individuals who struggle to access sustainable housing. Chris is the co-founder of the animal rights project Aotearoa Liberation League. He is passionate about te ao Māori and using veganism as a decolonial tool.

And naturally, I’m dumping a huge, smelly Cow Patty on all the world leaders who hid behind the ring of steel erected by Bad Farma at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland and assembled at Kelvingrove Art Museum for their dinner banquet on Nov 1. This ring of steel made Anna, Carl, Houdini and Sailesh walk 5 miles around the museum to cross Argyle Street to get to their parked car.

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