Obe’s Wise Words to the World

I turn over a new leaf – and eat it, of course!

Hello there,

Sometimes I find it frustrating to be me, Vega, the Cow in the Room who is frequently ignored. Just this week, The Spectator mentioned me and then went on to write that the solution to the climate crisis is more cow manure spread more evenly.

I let out a snort and wanted to dump a huge cow patty on the author, John Lewis-Stempel’s head. Then it occurred to me that another cow patty won’t make much of a difference to someone who is already wallowing in manure.

At times like these, I seek out the wise counsel of Obe, the pig. He’s a pig of few oinks, but his words are always priceless. I hoofed over to Obe’s for a quick muzzle-to-snout tete-a-tete over some oats. He listened patiently to my grievances and sang,

“Big Farma
conning people.

Tell children

eat plants
plant trees
love animals
heal the planet


hate plants
chop trees
eat animals
heat the planet”

My mind was blown.

That’s it, I must moo to kids. The adults are too addicted to animal foods and find it difficult to think straight. As they eat burgers and milkshakes day in and day out, blood flows through their arteries like sewage sludge and they become slow on the uptake. Especially as their blood vessels permanently clog up with atherosclerosis.

I have to reach the adults through their hearts, not their brains.

The best route to their hearts is through kids. Kids get it. At the recent Vegan Organic Network “Save our Wildlife Awards,” the kids sent an emotional SOS to adults.

The kids are the animals’ best friends. We, animals love kids. The kids love animals.

Therefore, please share my video with the kids in your lives. Thanks to my herd, the video now has subtitles in 9 languages, with more to come.

Also, please share this press conference with any inquiring adults in your lives. It shows why the Killing machine is the leading cause of the climate crisis.

Meanwhile, several of my Vegan superheroes have now signed on to present during my V-COP8 in January.

I’m pumped. Not just with methane.

I’m turning over a new leaf today. (Naturally, I’m eating it afterwards. Leaves are delicious and nutritious.) I’m transforming. I will not dump cow patties on people anymore. Only cow licks from now on.

Thank you for reading this. And please help me recruit all the kids in your network.

Be a superhero. Join my herd. Let’s grow our moovement together.

See you at V-COP8. Moo again soon.

Yours faithfully,

Vega, Cow and Climate Healer

A huge Cow Lick to one of my favorite humans, Capt. Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. I’m sure you all know him through Animal Planet’s popular television series Whale Wars. Sea Shepherd’s mission is to protect all ocean-dwelling marine life. Today, there are thousands of Sea Shepherd activists worldwide, working together on campaigns in more than forty countries.

Even as a boy, Capt. Watson wanted to protect animals from hunters. When he was older and had become an early member of Greenpeace, he would use daring tactics to save marine wildlife from hunters. His sailing experience was acquired through the Coast Guard and Merchant Marines. Capt. Watson has been described as “the world’s most aggressive, most determined, most active, and most effective defender of wildlife.”

We animals love him very much.

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