No Blame No Shame

Step forward cowrageously into the new paradigm!

Dear Harvard Students,

This letter is for you. I hoofed through your inspiring capstone projects for Dr. Sparsha Saha‘s Animals and Politics course and wanted to reach out to you.

First of all, please don’t blame yourselves for taking so long to see through the wiles and guiles of Big Farma. Big Farma is well practiced in the art of mass deception. There’s no shame in being taken in by conjurers and magicians, aided and abetted by the compliant media and politicians.

Just think, Big Farma has successfully persuaded billions of people for thousands of years into preferentially consuming rotting corpses of dead animals and the maternal and menstrual secretions of other sentient species over healthy rainbow foods from plants! You have done the research and you know that makes no sense. Even intelligent Harvard administrators and faculty members are not immune from falling for Big Farma’s deceptions as you can see from the menu in your cafeterias and the curriculum at Harvard Medical School.

Besides, there is no time to waste for shaming and blaming within human societies. You humans have urgent work to do!

The Arctic ice is melting and scientists are predicting that the Arctic ocean will likely be ice-free in summer within the next one to three years. If and when that happens, the climate heating on the planet will literally double as solar energy is absorbed by blue water instead of being reflected by white ice.

But it’s still not too late. Mother Nature’s healing powers are legendary. Despite the depredations of industrial civilization, nature has been sequestering more than half the CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and deforestation annually. Just think how much more nature can sequester if you all go Vegan and release 80% of the earth’s surface back to nature.

Therefore, it is imperative that you get involved in designing and implementing the new paradigm in the two loops model that I found at Great Transition Stories. Your friends at MIT created the World3 model that predicted the downward trajectory of the Climate Heating phase of industrial civilization (see diagram above). This is the first loop in the two loops model and it is definitely on the decline now.

Prices are rising. Supply chains are straining. Sentient animals are being killed in horrific conditions because of supply chain problems, even as millions of humans are pushed further into poverty, houselessness and hunger. The Climate Heating system is in a downward death spiral now.

But Big Farma has no intention of changing and is hell bent on killing all of us, not just non-human animals. Microft, the fish, tells me that Big Farma is bottom trawling hundred mile long fishing nets to catch the last remaining fish in the ocean. Don’t buy it.

It is time to moo’ve on. It is time to create a new paradigm that is founded on Veganism. Imagine humans routinely treating all beings with dignity, respect and compassion in thought, word and deed, not just words. For that to happen, I need your help to create a new model along the same lines as World3, but that charts the upward spiral of the Climate Healing phase of human civilization (see diagram above).

Are you up for it? If so, please reply back to this email and someone will get back in touch with you.

Please remember that before you get to the “ECO” way of living, you must pass through “SEVA”, the selfless service way (see diagram below). During the “EGO” way of living, humans have killed over 90% of wild animals by weight over the last 10,000 years. Wild animal populations will have a hard time recovering unless you are willing to do some selfless service and help clean up the mess on this planet.

Please share my video with the kids in your lives. Thanks to my herd, the video now has subtitles in 9 languages, with more to come.

Also, please share this press conference with any inquiring adults in your lives. It shows why Big Farma’s Killing machine is the leading cause of the climate crisis.

Please read “Food is Climate,” a book by Glen Merzer explaining the science behind the Climate Healers position paper from a layperson’s perspective. And don’t forget to leave a review if you have read it.

Of course, you are welcome to go through the Climate Healers position paper in the Journal of Ecological Society here.

Finally, please do sign on to present during my Vegan Convergence of the Parties #8, V-COP8 in January.

Our future is bright if we act now.

Eat plants.
Plant trees.
Love animals.
Heal the planet.

Be a superhero. Join my herd. Let’s grow our moovement together.

See you at V-COP8. Moo again soon.

Yours faithfully,

Vega, Cow and Climate Healer

A wet Cow Lick to Dona Sauerburger, daughter of the late Dr. Jean-Robert Bayard, the author of “How to Think If You Want to Change The World,” and mother of the late Stephan Sauerburger, the editor of his grandmother’s amazing book. Dona is a Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist, providing itinerant orientation and mobility services to blind and visually impaired adults and teenagers in Maryland and suburban Washington, DC. She also has a special interest in working with people who are deaf-blind.

Dona is also passionate about spreading the wisdom in her mother’s book. She does so by giving away the book for free through the website and hosting free workshops on its various chapters. Please contact her for more details at

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