Pack Big Farma Off to Space in the New Year

Second Hand Eating is Much Worse Than Second Hand Smoking…

Hello there,

What an udderly moovelous start to the New Year, my herd!

I have my very own email address. You can now reach me at when you need that cow lick. And I’m also hoofing out this email newsletter through moosend. Sending my unique brand of moosense through moosend.

Yes, I finally bid goodbye to the email service I was using earlier. It was literally monkeying with my herd, putting many people on the “unsubscribe list” when they never even asked to be taken off. (Thank you, Alison and Maria, for alerting me to this monkey business.) Of course, if you really didn’t want to hear from me, you can unsubscribe from my moosend mailing list here.

Besides, moosend resonates with me, Vega, the Cow in the Room. It is an email service led by a cow. Cows are diligent, strong, honest, down-to-earth and persistent. We get things done and done right. Monkeys, though lovable, can’t help being monkeys.

Which brings me to my purpose in life – to tame Big Farma by 2026 and heal the planet. I woke up on New Year’s day with this bright idea to send Big Farma off to work exclusively in space.

Just think. We can let Big Farma build a lab/factory in space to grow animal tissue so that super addicted humans who are desperate to get a fix can still get one. The rest of you humans can easily make do with delicious, plant-based meat alternatives. Until you go whole-foods, plant-based and truly heal yourselves, of course.

Why space, you may ask?

In space, it would be easier to ensure that there is no bacterial and viral contamination of lab-grown animal tissue. It would also be easier to control genetic mutations so that a few cells can be made to replicate ad infinitum.

On planet earth, cells that replicate ad infinitum are called cancer cells. No one wants to be eating cancerous animal tissue.

To grow non cancerous animal tissue on earth, you would be constantly taking biopsies from living animals. That is, you would still keep animal slaves in a state of constant duress and suffering. Not to mention a never-ending threat of pandemics and biological contamination in your food supply chain.

Moo, no thanks!

Besides, eating animal foods is so destructive to all life on planet earth, our common home. Do you not step outside your homes to smoke cigarettes so that you don’t harm your fellow humans? Then, does it not moosense to step outside our common home, planet earth, to eat animal foods?

My “Pack-Big-Farma-Off-To-Space” idea is a much better solution to the climate disaster than what President Biden is doing. He just signed another billion dollar give away to the meat industry to help keep it solvent.

Instead, he should be listening to his Environmental Protection Agency in Region 6, which announced a Healthy Environmental Living Program grant of $500K to promote healthy plant-based living. In its grant announcement, the EPA wrote:

“Plant-based meals require less greenhouse gas emissions, less land, water, energy, fertilizer, pesticide, cost less money, can feed more people, has more climate mitigation potential than current EPA strategies, and will be unavoidable if we are to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. This strategy will also be unavoidable if we want to meet food demand in 2050 without deforestation and while stabilizing biosphere integrity, freshwater use, and nitrogen flows. One University of Oxford researcher reported when referring to the United States, “For a typical average consumer, diet change isn’t just the single biggest way to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, it’s the single biggest way to reduce your land use, your impact on biodiversity, the nitrogen and phosphorous pollution caused by your food, the acid rain, the water use…” … “Put simply, avoiding meat and dairy products is probably the single biggest way to reduce your impact on the planet.” 

Or he could be listening to scientists at Unilever, producer of world-leading brands like Lipton, Knorr and Hellman’s. They write,

“As plant-based diets are generally better for health and the environment, public health strategies should facilitate the transition to a balanced diet with more diverse nutrient-dense plant foods through consumer education, food fortification and possibly supplementation.”

When a cow can come up with a better solution to the climate disaster than the so-called leader of the human world, should you really be calling yourselves, Homo Sapiens Sapiens, the “wise, wise” hominid? Whoa, talk about hubris. Methinks, a bit of humility is now in order.

Please listen to me and join my herd. We are gearing up for V-COP8: VEGAN Convergence of the Peoples #8, our eighth meeting to heal the climate with cowrage and integrity.

It will be VEGAN as in friends of VEGA, me, the Cow in the Room.

It will be VEGAN as in Vitally Engaged Guardians of Animals and Nature.

It will be “Convergence of the Peoples” instead of “Conference of the Parties.” The Parties are the nations that signed the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, pledging “to prevent dangerous human interference with the climate system.”

At the moment, they are failing pathetically to keep their pledge.

We, the Peoples of the planet, Cow people, Chicken people, Pig people, Fish people, Tiger people and even Human people, etc., are all fed up and we are solving it ourselves.

In my herd, we fervently believe that those who can heat the planet can just as well heal the planet.

Eat plants. Plant trees. Love life. Heal the planet. 

This isn’t rocket science. This is simply moosense.

Speaking of moosense, have you been following the Million Vegan Grandmothers’ Rainbow Foods and Rainbow People Chakra Nutrition Support program?  It has been so amazing! A huge cow lick to Tami Hay, Dr. Shelley Ostroff, Yan Golding and all the wonderful guests who were part of the 7 Days of Rest and Sacred Renewal. I am stoked!

As always, please share my video with the kids in your life. It was just aired on Supreme Master TV to wide applause.

Please share this UN press conference video with the adults in your life. It shows why Big Farma’s Killing machine is the leading cause of the climate disaster and why focusing exclusively on the fossil fuel Burning machine, while ignoring me, the Cow in the Room, would be the greatest systems engineering blunder in the history of humanity.

Please read “Food is Climate,” a book by Glen Merzer explaining the science behind the Climate Healers position paper from a layperson’s perspective.

Finally, please register for our Vegan Convergence of the Peoples #8, V-COP8 on January 29-30, 2022 and join us.

We can heal the climate with cowrage. Yes, we can. 

Eat plants
Plant trees
Love animals
Heal the planet 

Be a superhero. Join my herd. Let’s grow our moovement together.

Yours faithfully,

Vega, Cow and Climate Healer

Healing the Climate with Cowrage

Vega, Cow & Climate Healer
Climate Healers
(Exasperated) Mother Cow
3145 E Chandler Blvd #110-233
Phoenix, AZ 85048 USA

Today, a wet Cow Lick goes to Dr. Earthea Nance, the administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 6, which covers Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, New Mexico and Arkansas. Not only did her EPA Region 6 Healthy Environmental Living Program acknowledge me, the Cow in the Room, it laid out a clear cut case for why the whole world should be going Vegan, no ifs ands or buts about it.

Dr. Nance has a Ph.D. in civil and environmental engineering from Stanford University and during her teaching career at Texas Southern University, she conducted interdisciplinary research on the impacts of environmental hazards on vulnerable communities in Texas and Louisiana. Perhaps that is why the EPA HELP description contains the words,

“Black Americans are more exposed to fine particulate matter pollution (PM2.5) than white Americans yet are least responsible for it. This pollution is responsible for the majority of deaths from environmental causes in the United States. Agriculture is the second leading anthropogenic source, with animal agriculture specifically making up the majority of these deaths. Eighty-three percent of these deaths (13,100) could be avoided annually if the United States transitioned to a fully plant-based food system.”

Thank you for your cowrage and moosense, Dr. Earthea Vance!

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