“Billions of my feathered friends have been culled to try and control Avian flu.”

“And you know what?
It hasn’t worked.”

No wonder why my feathers are so ruffled! In fact just this January 2021, 1.3 million chickens had to be culled after bird flu hit Sweden’s biggest egg producer.

Can you imagine so many birds being uselessly killed to try and stop a problem that has a far easier, and more effective solution?

Just stop the massive, horrific industrial farming of us birds. It’s that easy.

I’m talking about terrible places where hundreds of thousands of birds are kept packed so tightly together that they almost can’t breathe, and where disease spreads fast and uncontrollably.

Chickens can’t really wear masks, you see.

And if you aren’t bothered by my suffering, you should consider your own. These bird flus are getting closer to you every day.

Bird flu is like human flu, an illness caused by strains of influenza viruses that have adapted to a specific host. “Influenza A” virus is a zoonotic infection in birds that has already adapted and jumped to person-to-person transmission, basically flying from me to you.

Spanish flu killed 17-100 million people.

So think about that when you boil an egg or roast a chicken, you’re not only supporting a cruel industry but risking a pandemic that could kill millions of people.

Did you know research into the genes of the Spanish flu virus shows it to have genes adapted from both human and avian strains?

They say us chickens are easily frightened, but this should frighten you too.

Stop eating me, stop eating us, in fact stop eating all animals, become vegan and help save the planet and yourselves.

“And you also should stop eating me”

Obe, Pig and Climate Healer


chickens died or were slaughtered to contain bird flu in november 2020.

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