“Your obscene killing machine churns out 1.5 billion pig carcasses each year.”

“Industrial pig farming is an abomination hidden in plain sight.”

We pigs are amongst the most intensively farmed animals on the planet. Most of us never even feel the earth beneath our feet, just cold concrete in less than one metre square space.

Disgusting isn’t it? And you people have the nerve to say pigs are dirty creatures! In fact, we are highly intelligent, charismatic and social animals.

But in order to get your cheap bits of pig flesh you raise us jammed together in harsh pens. That’s not a social life at all. We experience terrible pain and psychological distress right up until you kill us.

That distress makes us do strange things like biting the tails of other pigs in frustration. We also develop skin lesions, painful lameness, digestive problems and lung disease.

We get sprayed with chemical pesticides and given hormones to make us grow unnaturally fast and fat, so fat we can barely walk. And all that fat makes you fat.

If that doesn’t upset you though, perhaps this will.

This overcrowding encourages the spread of infection. So we need pumping full of antibiotics to stay ‘healthy’. This massive overuse of antibiotics leads to the perfect conditions for superbugs to thrive, bacteria resistant to antibiotics. Every year 700,000 people, that’s you humans, die from superbugs each year.

And let’s talk about the planet. Animal agriculture is the biggest contributor to climate change, and factory farming is the biggest part of all. To get your cheap animal foods, massive amounts of feed and water are needed.

Carbon-capturing forests are destroyed to create soybean fields, and where the water has been diverted for animal agriculture, top soil blows away.

Factory farming also creates nitrate pollution, and that’s not good for us or you. Oh and did I mention you feed us bone meal? That’s other animals. That’s disgusting.

Stop eating me, stop eating all meat. Going vegan will be good for you, good for me and good for the planet.

“And please stop eating me”

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