From the Cow in the Oval Office to the Cow in the Kitchen

Dear Climate Healers,

“When we fail to act knowing that we should, we give away our power” – Kelly Charles-Collins.

You can change the world.

As individuals, we think that we are powerless, but when we act in concert, we are powerful beyond measure. At the moment, we are acting in concert to heat the climate in our Climate HEATing civilization and look at what we have done. When we turn that around and act in concert to heal the climate in a Climate Healing civilization, just imagine what we can do.

But the powerful who operate the levers of this Climate HEATing civilization don’t want us to know our own power. They tell us, “What can one person do?” in order to get us to go along with their blatant corruption of our institutions.

It became crystal clear in Glasgow, Scotland that the UN climate change Conferences Of the Parties (COPs) cannot solve climate change. We cannot expect political leaders of a Climate HEATing civilization who fly in on private jets and come to these conferences in a retinue of bulletproof SUVs cordoned off from the general public in a $100M ring of steel, while consuming venison and poached eggs, to be taking global greenhouse gas emissions seriously.

On our home front, we cannot expect a former dairy lobbyist, Tom Vilsack, who runs the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), to take our children’s health seriously. His federal agency is forcing all school children to consume cow’s milk even though the vast majority of minority children are “lactose intolerant” and cannot even digest it.

What can one person do?

You can change the world.

Over 100 years ago, Mahatma Gandhi, one of the greatest social justice reformers of all time, demonstrated that by getting people to do one thing together in concert, he could shake the mighty British empire and bring it to its knees.

Gandhi asked the people of India to change their clothes from British clothes to homespun “Khadi” clothes. He got everyone spinning their own yarn and weaving it together to make clothes for themselves and their neighbors.

It was a simple act that anyone could do, but it was a substantial act because it impacted the largest industry in England at that time, the textile industry. And it was a spiritual act because it brought the people of India together in a common cause.

Spirituality is connectedness.

Within a dozen years, the Khadi movement bankrupted the textile mills in Manchester and the rest is history.

Today we can cook healthy, whole foods, plant based Vegan meals and give them away to our neighbors and the less fortunate among us. Then we can all get healthy while healing our planet simultaneously.

This is a simple act, but it is a substantial act as it impacts the multi-trillion dollar global animal agriculture industry. It is also a spiritual act as it connects us all together in communal healing, while taking care of our body temples.

And the rest will be history. Guaranteed.

Are you in?

Join us on World Food Healers day and let us heal the climate with cowrage. Deliciously.

Heal the planet.
Eat plants.
Love animals.
Plant trees.

It’s that simple.

Thanks again for being a superhero and joining our herd. Please forward this post to all your friends and let’s grow our MOOvement together.

With much love,
Sailesh and Vega, Cow and Climate Healer for the Climate Healers team