Why Food Healers Is An All Hands On Deck Endeavor

Dear Climate Healers,

“Everything in life that’s hard is just a series of things that are easy” – Steve Garguilo


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Continuing with the “Miracle on the Hudson” analogy from the last post, if we were to compress the 3.5 billion year continuous existence of Life on Earth into 100 years, the twentieth century during which humans took flight following the Wright Brothers invention of a flying machine would be like the first 100 seconds of US Airways Flight 1549 before the flock of Canadian geese disabled its engines. Then just as with Flight 1549, we became aware of biodiversity loss, ecosystems collapse and climate change towards the end of the 20th century and that our soaring Climate HEATing civilization is now literally hoisted with its own petard and disintegrating in front of our eyes. It has just about 26 seconds to make an emergency landing.

For 22 of those 26 precious seconds, we had been hoping that the political leaders of the Climate HEATing civilization would stop bickering and focus on the emergency task at hand. Sadly, as the continuing dithering in the lead up to UN COP27 shows, they are not of Captain Sully’s caliber and therefore, we need to take the lead on our own shoulders.

Fortunately, each of us can take on some responsibility in this joint leadership that has been thrust upon us. Enter the Food Healers initiative, which is equivalent to landing Flight 1549 on the Hudson river.

When we work towards the Food Healers objective of serving healthy whole-foods plant-based vegan meals free for all, we also build the infrastructure and institutions we need for a soft landing of this disintegrating Climate HEATing civilization. Simultaneously, the infrastructure and institutions that we build will form the foundation for a more grounded Climate Healing civilization of the future. This is why Food Healers will be our singular focus in the next four years as we collectively respond to the ongoing climate emergency and pull back on the global temperature to avoid climate tipping point thresholds.

Every human adult, no matter who they are and where they are, can contribute to Food Healers routinely.

If you can prepare healthy, whole-foods plant-based vegan meals and serve your friends and family, then you can contribute to Food Healers. Indeed, you can save the lives of countless animals while serving those meals and thereby contribute to the imminent demise of the animal agriculture industry as well.

If you can volunteer at a Community kitchen or a Church kitchen or a Temple kitchen and help prepare such meals to be given away to the community, then you can contribute to Food Healers.

If you don’t have the time to volunteer, but you can grow some vegetables or herbs on your window sill or backyard and donate it to such kitchens, then you can contribute to Food Healers.

If you don’t have the time to volunteer and you don’t have a green thumb, then you can buy necessary supplies for such kitchens and therefore contribute to Food Healers.

Finally, if you can’t do any of the above, but if you can only move a finger, then you can swipe this post or Vega’s videos above and share them with your friends and family and thereby contribute to Food Healers.

This is why Food Healers is an “all hands on deck” endeavor as we “brace for impact” while we pilot our disintegrating Climate HEATing civilization to make an emergency landing on our finite, beautiful and precious planet Earth.

Like Captain Sully, let us be focused and determined to save all of the passengers and crew on board as we make this landing.

Please register for V-COP11 on Sat Nov 5 – Sun Nov 6 and join us as we share our experiences with various Food Healers initiatives around the world.

The schedule for the V-COP11 weekend is attached below.

Thank you for your support.

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Heal the planet.
Eat plants.
Love animals.
Plant trees.

It’s that simple.

Thanks again for being a superhero and joining our herd. Please forward this post to all your friends and let’s grow our MOOvement together.

With much love,
Sailesh on behalf of Vega, Cow and Climate Healer and the Climate Healers team