One Day, One Dish, One Aim. One Cow With A Message.

World Food Healers day is the third Sunday of every month.

On World Food Healers day, let us do our best to eradicate world hunger on at least one day each month.

It is estimated that globally 3 billion people do not have regular access to healthy whole-foods, plant-based vegan meals. They still need our practical help today and every day.

We can’t go on heedlessly eating meat, we can’t continue to waste precious food resources, and we can’t carry on abandoning some people to food poverty while others have so much food they throw away their surplus. It’s enough to make any cow mad. That’s why Vega has committed, with your help, to serving FREE meals on World Food Healers Day and every day.


years of COP's but still only hot air. It's time for positive action.


percent of greenhouse gasses come from animal aggriculture.


billion people world wide still have no access to daily healthy food.


healthy free vegan bowls already pledged. And counting...

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One Aim.

To feed 1 Billion People On One Day

On World Food Healers day world hunger begins to end. It starts with greater global awareness and the start of massive global action to deal with the interconnected challenges of climate breakdown and global hunger.

On World Food Healers Day we want everyone to enjoy a FREE bowl of Vega’s Unity Stew. A nutritious, locally-sourced plant based meal that comes with her personal hoofprint of approval.
A massive target, a massive movement, but working together we can do this. Call us the Co Convenors. Us, you and equally thoughtful companies and people across the globe. See who’s already onboard below.

Selection of Co-conveners

Why one billion? Well, why not?!

Food poverty is global. Millions of people struggle to find their next meal. Not because the world is short of food, but because food is wasted, monetized, weaponized and wrongly balanced toward meat eating.

COP26 was supposed to change all that, but instead it changed nothing. All talk and no action. Far from taking meat off the world menu, they served up steaks to the delegates!

So we can’t wait for politicians to act, we can’t wait a minute longer with the clock already ticking,

If we can feed a billion using plant-based food, we can feed 10 billion.

Let’s do it.

Join up.
Join in.
Join us.

We can make World Food Healers Day a day that makes a huge difference to the whole world, but we need to work together.

Tell us what YOU can do, however small and we will make sure the world knows.

We will create a list of all restaurants, catering, bars etc around that serve vegan food/have vegan options in the menu. If you are one, contact us to participate in the project and to serve food on the day.

We will invite you to help with the food delivery/cooking.

We will be contacting the decision makers at regional and country level, also including municipalities. We will reach out to MPs and MEPs. If you are one, please contact us.

We will plan meetings to coordinate the activities together when it comes to food preparation and delivery.

Are you a company that produces food? Come on board.