Creating a perfect stew of people and intent around the globe.

Find all the right spots that take part and donate food around the world on World Food Healers day.

Our goal: feed 1 billion people worldwide for free.

Sounds like a lot. And it is. But we are sure if we all start working together, we can cook this up.

We think global. And we believe in our message. Just like many of the people and companies that are joining our cause. The people we call the co-conveners.

Check out all our co-conveners

Name Address Country Meals Website
Animal Communication World X X 100
Beyond Animal X X 100
Black Veg Society 840 N Eutaw St, Baltimore, MD 21201 United States 100
Botanicuisine 5730 Cottonworth Ave #5351, Baltimore, MD 21209 United States 100
Bridge to Partnership 1819 E. Liberty Ave. Spokane, WA 99270 United States 100
Can With Candle X Scotland 100
China Vegans X X 100
Climate Healers 3145 e chandler blvd #110-233, phoenix, az, 85048 United States 100
Committee of Consciousness X X 100
Compassion Consortium X X 100
Cow service mission 535 Lockhart Gulch Road, Scotts Valley, California 95066 United States 100
Creating a Vegan World X X 100
DefaultVeg X X 100
DJ Cavem X X 100
Eat For The Earth X X 100
Embody Love, LLC X X 100
Essential Wellness Centre & Food For Life X X 100
F.A.K.E. Movement X X 100
Full Circle Compost 1127 Rosario Dr. Topanga, CA 90290 United States 100
GMCOP - Global Movement for the Culture of Peace X X 100
Go Vegan Radio X X 100
HeartnSole, LLC X X 100
Hippocrates Health Institute 1466 Hippocrates Way, West Palm Beach, FL, 33411 United States 100
In Defense of Animals 3010 KERNER BLVD SAN RAFAEL CA 94901 United States 100
Interfaith Vegan Coalition X X 100
International Association of Vegan Sociologists X X 100
Joyfully Living X X 100
Jiviniti Coalition X X 100
LVX X X 100
Michael Lanfield X X 100
Move the World 1127 Rosario Dr. Topanga, CA 90290 United States 100
The PAUW Project X X 100
Peace Lab X X 100
Plant Based DFW X X 100
Plant-Based Health Professionals UK X X 100
Plant Based Network 9716 Rea Rd Ste B PMB 1215 Charlotte, NC 28277 United States 100
Plant Based Transition Coalition X X 100
Podrska Foundation Kampala Uganda 100
Reap Goodness Nonprofit X X 100
Rowdy Girl Sanctuary 634 FM1296, Waelder, TX 78959 United States 100
Scarlet Rescue X X 100
Sedona Soul Integration 40 Rim Trail Dr, Sedona, AZ 86351 United States 100
Society for Immortality Research Ltd, Australia No 105 Megalong Street, The Ponds 2769 Sydney Australia 100
Success Systems International X X 100
Supreme Master Television X X 100
Ubuntu Community - The Vegan Cafe X X 100
Unchained TV X X 100
United in Heart X X 100
Vegan FTA X X 100
Vegan Justice League X X 100
Vegan Launch X X 100
Vegan Option Canada Rue de l"Hotel de Ville, Gatineau, QC J8X 2E3 Canada 100
Vegan Rabbi X X 100
Vegan Spirituality X X 100
Veg Student Alliance X X 100
WeDidIt.Health X X 100
WisdomHaus X X 600
Abillion X X 100
Animal Alliance Asia X X 100
Animal Save Movement X X 100
Areperia 831 Santa Cruz, California United States 100
A.U.M. Films Santa Rosa, CA 95406 X 100
Better Piggies Rescue 36246 N 24th St, Phoenix United States 100
Community Cuisine 2245 E Washington St, Phoenix United States 100
First Spark Media X X 100
Flux Social X X 100
Food For Life global 3911 Concord Pike #8030, Wilmington United States 2.000.000
Food Not Bombs Santa Cruz, California United States 100
Hip Hop is Green P.O. Box 26742, Federal Way, Washington United States 100
Loving Hut Restaurants X X 100
Plant Strong X X 100
Peta X X 100
Plant Based Treaty X X 100
HappyCow X X 100
Winsome Constance Kindness Trust X X 100
Project Animal Freedom X X 100
McDougall Foundation X X 100
Sampoorna Ahara X X 100
Ruchi X X 100
Giving Tree Cafe X X 100
Democracy Lab X X 100
The art of Compassion X X 100
VeganAbler X X 100
Creating a Vegan World X X 100
Luv4All X X 100
Vegans of LA Los Angeles, California, US United States 800
Vegans for Black Lives Matter X X 100
Chilis on Wheels X X 100
Vegan Activist Alliance X X 100
Moving Medicine Forward X X 100
Plant Diego San Diego, CA United States 100
Searei X X 100
Sadhana Forest 1, Sadhana Forest Rd, Auroville, Tamil Nadu 605101 India 100
SoFloVegans X X 100
Karmicbuzz Spirituality New Delhi India 83.333
Hatti Kaapi No.17/1, 1st Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560086 India 100
Made in Hackney Liberty Hall, 128 Clapton Common, Spring Hill, Clapton, London E5 9AA UK 1.200
Healthy World Vitality Plan USA 720
Name Address Country

Why one billion? Well, why not?!

Food poverty is global. Millions of people struggle to find their next meal. Not because the world is short of food, but because food is wasted, monetized, weaponized and wrongly balanced toward meat eating.

COP26 was supposed to change all that, but instead it changed nothing. All talk and no action. Far from taking meat off the world menu, they served up steaks to the delegates!

So we can’t wait for politicians to act, we can’t wait a minute longer with the clock already ticking.

If we can feed a billion people for free using plant-based food, we can feed 10 billion.

Let’s do it.