Healing the world by taking Vega and all her friends off the menu.

We are committed to create the opportunity for 1 billion people to get fed real food for free. Plant-based food.

We are destroying our planet with animal agriculture, deforestation, pesticides and chemicals. We are fuelling the ecological and climate catastrophe, as well as malnutrition and chronic illness around the world.

Eating plant-based food will stop the problem and begin to reverse the terrible changes to us, and to our planet, that are already so apparent to those who see clearly.

What is a Food Healer

It’s simple. It’s you.

A Food Healer is a friend of Vega, a human who gets the message that meat is over and only by moving swiftly to a plant-based diet can our world be healed before it’s too late.

Food Healers care and Food Healers act. Food Healers know there’s no point in waiting on politicians to do anything, COP26 proved that where Vega was actually on the menu!

Uniting as food healers we can feed the world and spread the word.

No more meat, no more excuses. A cow is leading the way.

The food that heals

We are what we eat.

Food Healers is a grassroots cooperative initiative that seeks to eliminate world hunger (and rebuild our crumbling global industrial civilization) on a foundation of robust health.

We can solve our hunger problems and do it in a way that makes healthy, immune-boosting foods easily available to the most food insecure amongst us.

Food Healing works by promoting the truth that healthy, immune-boosting, healthy Vegan meals can be created at very low cost especially when cooked in volume.

Why one billion? Well, why not?!

Food poverty is global. Millions of people struggle to find their next meal. Not because the world is short of food, but because food is wasted, monetized, weaponized and wrongly balanced toward meat eating.

COP26 was supposed to change all that, but instead it changed nothing. All talk and no action. Far from taking meat off the world menu, they served up steaks to the delegates!

So, we can’t wait for politicians to act, we can’t wait a minute longer with the clock already ticking.

If we can feed a billion people for free using plant-based food, we can feed 10 billion.

Let’s do it.