Many meals need many hands and lots of hooves.

We’re reaching out to you. Only with your donations and pledges to become co-conveners, can we cook up one billion meals for FREE and we won’t stop there. Why not five billion, ten billion, billions and billions?

Please help us by committing today for a better tomorrow.

World Food Healers day has one focussed aim – to feed everyone free healthy, immune boosting whole-foods, plant-based meals and end global hunger on one special day.

And we will do even more – we will raise global awareness and initiate massive global action to the interconnected challenges of climate breakdown and global hunger from the ground up.

We are systematically destroying our planet with animal agriculture, deforestation, pesticides and chemicals. It all contributes not just to the ecological and climate catastrophe, but also to the ongoing rise in malnutrition and chronic illness around the world.

World Food Healers Day will aim to catalyse a global grassroots movement, a movement dedicated to identifying, implementing and educating the public about holistic solutions.

A movement to ensure all communities around the world have resilient, local and plant-based food sources that regenerate the biosphere and heal the climate.

Please clicking the button below to pledge your participation on World Food Healers Day.

Why one billion? Well, why not?!

Food poverty is global. Millions of people struggle to find their next meal. Not because the world is short of food, but because food is wasted, monetized, weaponized and wrongly balanced toward meat eating.

COP26 was supposed to change all that, but instead it changed nothing. All talk and no action. Far from taking meat off the world menu, they served up steaks to the delegates!

So, we can’t wait for politicians to act, we can’t wait a minute longer with the clock already ticking.

If we can feed a billion people for free using plant-based food, we can feed 10 billion.

Let’s do it.