Another win!

The great Oxford Union Debate was won by our side. This house WOULD go Vegan.

Who was speaking?

Who was listening?

Everyone who mattered.

The day we got the facts straight

Thursday, November 30th, 2023.

Vega the cow had an udderly important message.

There are three crucial arguments – Ethical, Health and Environmental – for and against a global Vegan transition.

Vega and Sailesh from Climate Healers believe this debate tested whether a global transition towards a healthy Vegan ethic and Vegan lifestyle is necessary to save the world from hunger, inequality, chronic diseases, pandemics, ecological collapse and the ravages of climate chaos.

Our speakers spelled out and then debated the arguments for perhaps the most important defining choice for our generation with all its social, cultural, economic and political ramifications.

Because when it comes to climate change, the Cow In The Room is Animal Agriculture, the methane and CO2 it produces and the land it destroys.

Agree? Disagree? Listen. Deliberate and Decide. And then act, because signing petitions is just signing away the planet’s future.

The field of battle was the Oxford Union, one of the world’s most famous debating chambers.

 The topic – “This House Would Go Vegan”.

The weapons, science, expertise and wit. Four experts on each side, went head to head for you to judge their arguments.

Listen. Deliberate. Decide.

The Oxford Union Climate Debate,
Nov 30th, 2023, Frewin Court, Oxford

The Oxford Union.

‘This House Would Go Vegan’

The climate change debate has always been constricted by where it has traditionally taken place. In outlets controlled by vested interests, biases and false witnesses.

The Oxford Union is free of all that. An exalted institution that for 200 years has been known for being only interested in independently reaching the truth through honest, open debate and intelligent informed speakers.

The Union is an extraordinary place. Nowhere else will you find a regular lineup of such prominent speakers or hear such compelling debates. Since 1823, the Union has hosted leaders in every field, from politics and business to sport and the arts.

Where better to urgently debate the potentially grave future of our planet? To test the Ethical, Health and Environmental arguments to find a conclusion.


Give the earth a shot!

Climate change is the greatest crisis humankind has ever faced, but we have no hope of tackling it if we don’t address the root cause.

The Earthshot Prize is a high-profile global search for the best solutions to the world’s greatest environmental challenges. Each year, it awards £1 million to each of five outstanding initiatives working to preserve our planet for future generations. Climate Healers is pleased to be nominated for the Earthshot Prize in 2024.

Meet the debate panel

It’s time to address the cow in the room.

And it was debated in the Union.

“This House Would Go Vegan”

Buying electric cars, flying less, using only green energy, these are all good things but they ignore the obvious. The Cow In The Room.

Animal Agriculture, aided and abetted by vested interests, corrupt officials and wilfully blind ‘experts’ is the Cow. By destroying vast forests and with massive production of methane, it is the primary cause of the planet’s problems and not fossil fuels, and veganism is the primary solution.

Disagree? Then listen to the experts in their field make their case at the Oxford Union when they debated This House Would Go Vegan.

Join the debate!