Food is

by Glen Merzer


Food is Climate

For far too long, we’ve been shut out of the climate debate. Animal agriculture has been the “cow in the room” that climate scientists have studiously ignored, that the media has failed to cover, that politicians have avoided. We have all felt the same frustration: how do we get past the self-interested gatekeepers to get the message out to the public that the world needs to go vegan in order to protect all life on this planet—including our own?


Well, here’s some wonderful news! We have a powerful new tool to get the message out. And we need your help. Together, we can do this.


Glen Merzer, screenwriter and co-author of “Mad Cowboy,” has written a new book, FOOD IS CLIMATE. John Robbins has called this book, “an extraordinary antidote to the hopelessness that many people feel.” And in this slim, highly readable volume, Glen expands upon the case that we make in our position paper, “Animal Agriculture is the Leading Cause of Climate Change.” In his inimitable style, Glen makes a compelling case for why we need to end the suicidal atrocity of animal agriculture, if we are to survive. He tears apart the arguments made by Al Gore, Bill Gates, and Paul Hawken that have taken our focus off the true driving cause of the climate emergency.

FOOD IS CLIMATE is the book that every vegan should read—and then gift to everyone else!


Here’s the plan: we are going to do a special printing of the book in England, and give it away to the scientists, policy-makers, and journalists attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP-26) in Glasgow. A portion of every dollar from your purchase of the book (priced to be very affordable) will go towards printing the book in England and handing it out in Glasgow.


Please help us make this happen. Please help make FOOD IS CLIMATE the best-seller that cannot be ignored. It is currently #90 on this list and with your help, we can make it #1. You can do this by simply pre-ordering the Kindle version here and watch its ranking go up!

The paperback version will be released on Aug 19, 2021.

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