Grief Mapping: A Story of Love and Transformation


by Tami Hay


These are the famous stages of grief of Kubler-Ross
1. Denial
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance


Everyone is stuck in them
Revised stages spirit spoke….


1. Felt sense surprise/shock
2. Empathy
3. Creativity
4. Love and Care
5. New Pathways to HEAL change


‘Truth Regeneration – a poem’


Inevitable they say..
All we are guaranteed
Is change


And then there it is..
Continual human-made ‘disaster change’
Earth storming and burning
Floods mudsliding down
Like dirt tears
Unfelt for years


Catastrophic lives
Aquifers drying
Hurricanes hurting
Climate chaos
For what…steak and ‘got milk?’
Denial keeps the killing machine churning and burning…


Ecosystems disappear
One lonely orangutan
Holding on
The last child and animal baby in the woods


Mother and child abandoned
Unfelt family
Broken ties





And we cry
In rants and silent screams
Or ‘maning up”
Or shutting up and just opening our door and never stepping through
What’s a numb soul to do?


So much pain
No one is keeping score


Change is inevitable
Destroying is not
An eye for an eye
Will be our children’s demise…


Get out of our first stage of grief…denial and numb
There is work to be done..


People, feel the surprise and shock
We have no time for dwelling in anger at the lies
Open instead
To empathic truth
Ride vegan creative innovations to HEAL
We already know how


Let’s move that rock
Vegan is the mustard seed that moves
the mountains of agri-cults
They will not take fault


Now it is the peoples
United in truth and fierce love
Vegan strong
Who will right this Earth wrong
And let her once again
Sing her birthright song…
Resonance melodies
Through grottos and forests thrives
Animal Ag-ony no more


And birds, soil’s crawlers and seas left to be
And then we are free


Left to BE
They already know what to do
That is ”truth regeneration’

The Million Vegan Grandmothers “Homo Ahimsa” Pledge

As the Million Vegan Grandmothers and wisdom carriers, we gather to express our fierce love for our children and grandchildren and invite everyone to take our Homo Ahimsa pledge:

I pledge to honor and protect all the animals, peoples and Mother Earth herself by joyfully embodying and promoting an infinitely sustainable, cruelty-free Vegan lifestyle that heals the climate and restores right relationships in the true spirit of Homo Ahimsa for all generations to come.

The Million Vegan Grandmothers Declaration

We, The Million Vegan Grandmothers and wisdom carriers, join together using the power of love–love for the children and grandchildren of all beings and for Mother Earth. Welcome are all people regardless of gender, age, and official grandmother status, who align with the values of veganism and this declaration.


We affirm the right of all beings to live in a natural, toxic-free environment which allows all to thrive and to lead sacred, liberated, sovereign, and joyful lives. The power of our love is unstoppable. We do not allow this planet and all who live here to be destroyed. We are creating a vegan world of peace, freedom, and loving kindness for all.


We believe that the true nature of human beings and our highest calling is to be kind, compassionate, nonviolent and partners with, not dominators of, all life. We believe this is the time of the Great Awakening of Humanity to leave behind the destructive nature of Homo Sapiens and become who we have always been destined to be–Homo Ahimsa. As Vegan Grandmothers, we are here to midwife the birth of the new compassionate human and bring in the new era of a vegan ahimsa world so that  our children and grandchildren and those of all species can thrive and be free.

We come together in droves, swarms, earth walking from each direction
Us vegan friends, teachers, the Grandmothers
The spirit tellers and Grandmother of us all
with the torch of vegan velocity
Of wise ones seeking strength in our million…
Gathering for our children, Grandchildren and their next Seven Generations
If this will be
The Next Seven Generations…
If this will be….


The Grandmothers are gathering
The Grandmothers are here
To sing a new song


We are coming together us vegan warriors of light
Wisdom in our shining crows feet
And strong working hand


We are the Million Vegan Grandmothers
Kookums, Oma, Loloa, Mama Noni, Amasani,
Many names
We are….


Kimaya made a pinky promise with her grandfather, Dr. Sailesh Rao - a Vegan World by 2026 to save her family - the animals. Find out more about the scheduled Pinky Promise Tour events.