is THAT?

It’s about transformation and fundamentally changing the way we do things.

It’s time to stop playing their games and transform the world towards a sustainable civilization based on science and truth.


The Homo Ahimsa Transformation (THAT) and the Aquarius Money Game

“You can’t fundamentally change big systems. You can only abandon them and start over” –

Deborah Frieze

Creating A Sustainable Civilization

When an engineering project is built on a foundation of lies and false ideologies, we can expect it to blow up in our faces, just as the Space Shuttle Challenger did in 1986.

Our civilization is a large engineering project and it is built on a foundation of lies – for example, only meat contains protein, milk does a body good – and false ideologies, namely Speciesism, Colonialism, Racism And Patriarchy (SCRAP). Naturally, this civilization is not sustainable and it is blowing up in our faces.

Fortunately, the game of creating and earning money is a simple lever which we can flip to achieve the desired transformation to a sustainable civilization based on science and the truth.

“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking

Buckminster Fuller

The Fractional Reserve Money Game

At present, new money is created through the Fractional Reserve Money Game in which bank deposits are fractionally leveraged to lend out 10X to 33X as much money as the deposits. Since new money is created in the form of loans, which need to be returned with interest, it promotes competition among borrowers for resources, i.e., class warfare, as well as an impetus for economic growth. At the level of nations, this competition manifests in the form of endless colonial wars to acquire the necessary resources for economic growth. Since women are treated as “spoils of war,” this promotes sexism and patriarchy.

Facebook and the Libra Cryptocurrency

Facebook announced the Libra cryptocurrency to facilitate international commerce over the internet for Facebook users, built upon the existing fractional reserve money game. Since this game objectifies animals, nature and even “other” humans, Libra will simply accelerate the promotion of diseases and divisions among humans, pollution and destruction of the earth, and death and cruelty to animals. Since Facebook and 100 of its corporate and Non-Profit Organization partners will each be investing at least $10M in the Libra Association, it is doubtful that governments can stop their inexorable destruction of the planet. Only we, the people can, by transforming the game.

The Aquarius Money game uses a measure of our ecological footprint allowance to implement radical equality and promote a mindset of abundance, rather than scarcity. Money flows into the “heart” of each individual’s account at a constant rate, regulated only by the total human population of the planet. As the population increases, the flow rate decreases so that the total ecological footprint of humanity stays within an acceptable limit.

From the heart, money flows into the pocket of the individual and into a community chest at differing flow rates. There is a minimum flow rate into the pocket and into the community chest (say 1/6 of the input rate) so that there is a guaranteed minimum income and a guaranteed minimum contribution from the individual to the community. The flow rate into the pocket increases appropriately when the individual performs certified acts of compassion, serving other humans, the earth or the animals. Likewise, the flow rate into the community chest increases when the individual is idle for long.

Aquarius promotes a service based economy in which humans serve others to earn money in the form of an ecological footprint allowance. To ensure that everyone is entitled to be treated equally, the reserve for the Aquarius money game will be funded by individual contributions of exactly $101 each.

To HEAL is to achieve Human Earth Animal Liberation. At present, the Fractional Reserve Money game fosters human consciousness at a low, fear-based, ego-driven, grasping, owning level which is not conducive to healing the planet or ourselves. Therefore, the Aquarius Money game will implement an open source economy and ecology in which the pricing of products is strictly on the basis of ecological footprint and money is “retired” when the footprint is used up. Production occurs when an “Indiegogo” style campaign raises sufficient Aquarius tokens for the creation of the product. New ideas are generated by inventors for the benefit of the whole, and not to make “profit”. Aquarius itself will be a completely open-source cryptocurrency game, but with individual privacy ensured through data anonymization.

For more details, please go through this webinar video and slides.

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Many of us are already Vegan in our hearts. The birthing of a post pandemic Vegan World will likely be viewed as the “greatest transformation in human history,” even though it is just a return home to who we really are.