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Climate Healers Groups

Climate Healers Groups (CHGs) exist to educate the public about the interconnectedness and seriousness of the current environmental and social issues we face and, importantly, to inspire personal change to directly address these issues.

Due to the current global situation with COVID-19, Climate Healers Groups are now operating via online outreach only, and are not holding any in-person events until further notice. Online, we still encourage people to watch the vital feature-length documentaries, including What The Health, Cowspiracy, A Prayer For Compassion, The Game Changers and Countdown To Year Zero. We are still adding new CHGs globally, as we can still share posts on social media via our CHGs and we can still have online talks and Q&As about the documentaries. 

CHGs are comprised of volunteers who help spread the message of compassion and promote veganism in a holistic way, educating the public primarily by hosting film screenings about the health, environmental and ethical reasons for choosing a vegan ethic. CHGs also direct people to the Climate Healers website through outreach at local events and on digital platforms.

We hope that by inviting our friends, family and colleagues to our documentary film screenings, they will be inspired to invite their circles to our next screenings and so on, and we will create a chain reaction of compassion! We are creating a network of local Climate Healers Groups around the world, and we invite everyone to join us.

Explore the active CHGs around the world below. Or to start your own CHG and become a Certified Climate Healer, please reference the CHG Handbook and CH Certification Requirements.

Join us by filling out this Vegan World 2026! Basecamp survey and selecting “Climate Healers Groups” — you will be added to the Climate Healers “online think tank” / open-source standards process, currently hosted on Basecamp, where the CHG Online Certification Program takes place. We look forward to meeting you!

Thomas Wade Jackson, director of A Prayer For Compassion, talking to attendees after a film screening organized by Climate Healers of Fort Mill and co-hosted by Climate Healers of Charlotte.

To learn more about Climate Healers Groups, Vegan World 2026!, and why CHGs primarily host documentary screenings, check out this video by Thomas Wade Jackson, director of A Prayer for Compassion, and Jeff Adams, founder of and editor of Countdown to Year Zero, the new documentary by Jane Velez-Mitchell of Jane Unchained.

Why did Climate Healers Groups come into existence?

Why did we decide to screen films as our primary method of spreading the vegan message?

For all of the environmental, ethical and health reasons found on the Climate Healers website, we have a goal of a Vegan World by 2026, defined by at least half the population of industrialized nations self-describing as vegan.  In March 2019, we received invaluable information from the 2019 VOMAD global survey of over 12,000 vegans: watching a feature-length documentary was the number one thing that made them first seriously consider going vegan. With that information and the inspiration gained from the work of Climate Healers Vegan World 2026 Project, Climate Healers Groups were initiated.

Join our Vegan World 2026! Basecamp project to start your own CHG, and find current Climate Healers Groups Around The World and their Facebook pages below.

Climate Healers Groups Around The World

(last updated June 16, 2020)

Climate Healers of Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Climate Healers of Austin, TX, USA

Climate Healers of Charlotte, NC, USA

Climate Healers of Chicago, IL, USA

Climate Healers of D.C., USA

Climate Healers of Charlotte, NC, USA

Climate Healers of Fort Mill, SC, USA

Climate Healers of Los Angeles, CA, USA

Climate Healers of Mumbai, India

Climate Healers of Munich

Climate Healers of New Haven, CT, USA

Climate Healers of Phoenix, AZ, USA

Climate Healers of Pune, India

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Many of us are already Vegan in our hearts. The birthing of a post pandemic Vegan World will likely be viewed as the “greatest transformation in human history,” even though it is just a return home to who we really are.