From a Predator Species to a Caretaker Species.

Our civilization is a large engineering project and it is built on a foundation of lies. Only we the people can end the lies by transforming the game. Compassion for all life is infinitely sustainable.


Our philosophy


All life is one family. Our family includes all humans, animals, birds, fishes and insects.


We don’t hurt members of our family, but treat them with kindness and compassion.


Speciesism, colonialism, racism, ableism and patriarchy are built into the money game that we are playing. This game promotes selfishness, greed and apathy, the three main environmental problems identified by Gus Speth.


We cannot heal our world and achieve true equality with inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all members of our family without transforming our money game into a more serious one that has equality built-in by design and promotes selflessness, generosity and activism.

The Homo

Ahimsa translates as “non-violence” or “non-injury”, and refers to non-violence towards both human and non-human beings physically, mentally, and spiritually

The roots of Ahimsa are in the belief of samsara (eternal cycle) and Ahimsa can be found in many Hindu scriptures.

Ahimsa encourages the avoidance of harm to both humans and animals both mentally and spiritually as well.

The concept of Ahimsa “sow the seed of tolerance” among others. Mahatma Gandhi came to popularize and modernize the concept of Ahimsa through his popularity and political influence.

Gandhi was more focused on the daily suffering that occurs around the world that was a result of social, economic and political exploitation.

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