Life affirming on-screen talks from Dr Sailesh Rao, Founder Climate Healers.

Learn from Dr Rao directly about how you can be part of the global transformation

The science

Dr Sailesh has vital messages to share with the whole planet on healthy living and the changes we need to make now.

Healthy Living

Three Main Questions 1. Who Are We? 2. What is Our Relationship with the World? 3. Why Are We Here?

The Greatest Transformation in Human History

“The world does not need to be changed. It needs to be understood.
When you understand the world, you will transform automatically and effortlessly, and the world will change with you.” Anthony DeMello

Engineering Donut Economics

Ending colonial slavery and the fear based money game.

the world

You can make a huge impact with your actions and advocacy

Many of us are already Vegan in our hearts. The birthing of a post pandemic Vegan World will likely be viewed as the “greatest transformation in human history,” even though it is just a return home to who we really are.