The facts.
Year Zero is 2026!

We can move toward safeguarding the future.

It’s a fact. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change. It is not sustainable or acceptable any more.

The science

Animal Agriculture

Animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change.

2005 – Alan Calverd publishes estimate of GHG from “Livestock” breathing alone is 8.8 Gt CO2e or 21% of total (Physics World).
2006 – FAO publishes Livestock’s Long Shadow (LLS) calculating GHG emissions from “Livestock” sector is 7.5 Gt CO2e or 18% of total.
2009 – Goodland/Anhang publish WorldWatch report correcting errors in LLS and calculating GHG emissions from “Livestock” sector to be 32.6 Gt CO2e or 51% of total.
2011 – FAO scientists publish critique of Goodland/Anhang’s estimate in Animal Feed Science and Technology (AFST) Journal.
2012 – Goodland/Anhang publish refutation in AFST Journal and reiterate their estimate. FAO scientists decline to continue the debate despite AFST Editor’s invitation.
2013 – FAO partners with International Meat Secretariat and the International Dairy Federation and publishes revision to LLS, calculating GHG emissions from “Livestock” sector to be 7.1 Gt CO2e or 14.5% of total, without addressing any of the errors pointed out in Goodland/Anhang (2009).

At this point, we have scientific evidence that even Goodland/Anhang’s estimate of 51% is on the low side as they may have substantially under counted the negative emissions that will result if the whole world goes Vegan. This Nature paper estimates the Carbon Opportunity Cost (COC) of animal foods to be about 34.5 Gt CO2e per year (5 tons per person per year) instead of 11.5 Gt CO2e per year. Indeed, Goodland-Anhang only counted the above ground vegetation in their calculations and twice as much CO2 gets sequestered in the soil than above ground. This means that the Goodland-Anhang estimate of 32.6 Gt CO2e for animal agriculture should be closer to 55.6 Gt CO2e. Therefore, let there be no doubt that Animal Agriculture is the leading cause of climate change.

The science

Humanity’s Destructive Behavior

At current rates of decline, 100% of wild vertebrates will die off by year zero: 2026

LPR2014 reported that 52% of wild vertebrates died between 1970 and 2010. From 1970 to 2010, both human population and human per-capita consumption roughly doubled so that human impact on the planet increased by a factor of 3.84. If we extrapolate an exponential curve that has increased by a factor of 3.84 from 1970 to 2010 to determine when 100% of wild vertebrates would die off, the answer is around 2026. This calculation was corroborated when LPR2016 reported that 58% of wild vertebrates died between 1970 and 2012. Thus, even with just a linear extrapolation, at an additional 3% rate of decline per year, 100% of wild vertebrates will die off by YEAR ZERO : 2026.

Only 7% of the land area of the planet is unused forests

Humans use 31% of the land area of the planet for grazing farmed animals

Humans use 20% of the land area of the planet for managed forestry

The science

Earth’s History

The science

Enter Human Beings

The science

The Vegan Metamorphosis

At the moment, while some people eat 3 meals per day, others eat 2 or less meals per day, which works out to a range of 730-1095 meals per year. In the calculations below, we assume that humans eat 1000 meals per year.

The science

Organic Vegan Meal

The science

Conventional Meal

The science

The Power of Facts

”It is our duty to induce people, by any honest means necessary, to Go Vegan.”

Paraphrasing Mahatma Gandhi who said this about wearing “Khadi” clothes in 1926

Mahatma Gandhi employed Satyagraha or “Truth Force.” He abhorred violence. He cajoled people with facts about British colonialism and what it was doing to ruin India in the early 20th century. He put his body on the line in defense of this Truth Force. He walked the walk, not just talked the talk. He employed honest inducement, not compulsion, to get Indians to ditch their British clothes and wear “Khadi” clothes instead.

Honest inducement is Truth Force or Nonviolence. Compulsion is Violence

At Climate Healers, we aspire to follow Gandhi’s fine example in this regard. We present facts about animal agriculture, climate change, biodiversity loss and ecosystems collapse. These facts are not compiled by Vegans, – there are very few scientists practicing Veganism today – but by respected international scientific bodies. If you find these facts compelling, then that compulsion is the “Truth Force” arising internally within you. The source of this Truth Force is the compassion at the very core your being. May this Truth Force always be with you.

If you wish, we would be delighted to help you with going Vegan.

The science

The Go Vegan Card

GOING VEGAN is the single most powerful act that we can do today. The “Go Vegan” card is a simple device to empower Vegans into becoming effective activists. It contains all the useful information for a Vegan transition in a simple format that is easy to follow. When you hand this card to a friend or relative, you are turning them into a potent force for positive change on Earth.

We firmly believe that in the metamorphosis to Vegan World 2026! over the next few years, the single-most potent force for positive change is the informed global citizen. Through our trilogy of documentaries, “The Human Experiment,” “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret,” and “What The Health,” and through our Meatocracy research, we have established that our Governments, NGOs, Corporations and Institutions will not be leading in this regard.

Please download the images of the front and back of the card from your browser (right-click and save image) and take them to any print shop to get Go Vegan personal cards made.

We have uploaded the front and back images of the business cards we use at Climate Healers. The back image of this card can be downloaded and printed on the back of your regular business card so that it becomes an effective tool for Vegan advocacy.

Let’s get empowered!

We are what we eat, drink, think, say and do

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