The United in Heart App is now available on Apple App Store. This App implements a public awareness and constructive action campaign to solve climate change through coordinated action on food, trees and communication.


Together with Sustainable Human, we created two new videos to support United in Heart‘s App Launch on App Store.


The first video provides a fresh new perspective on climate change that no one is talking about outside of Climate Healers and our partners and supporters. It points out that the conventional narrative on climate change arbitrarily pegs human impact on the earth’s climate at the dawn of the industrial revolution.

However, many researchers such as William Ruddiman and Jed Kaplan have documented early deforestation for agriculture and animal farming as contributing significantly more greenhouse gas emissions than all fossil fuel emissions in the industrial era combined.


When we take that into account, Vegan Reforestation becomes a “cow in the room” solution that the mainstream community is studiously ignoring. Not only does Vegan Reforestation solve climate change, it also solves biodiversity loss.


The second video updates the Year Zero video that we debuted in 2018 and shows that we are still on track to wipe out nearly 100% of wild animals by 2026 unless we take action.

Rethink science.

Compassionate science can transform life in the community

Science is not bad, there is only bad science. We can use science to transform our world to make things better not worse and bring about permanent change.