8.4 The Future Opportunities


The MA has potential to spread organically by simply sharing the idea. The design is simple and flexible enough to be manufactured and distributed in localities around the world, which can also provide economic opportunities in small communities. Fabio and Michele have already sparked MA manufacturing at a school in Nyumbani. Students were able to make their own MAs with tools available to them in the village.

While measurements of emissions, both gaseous and particulate, have been performed with encouraging results, more particulate matter data is desired in field settings. Emissions are inherently difficult to characterize in the field because of the number of variables involved. The airflow and ventilation patterns in a house, the placement of recording instruments, the efficiency of the cook, moisture in the wood and several other factors can cause dramatic variations in emissions readings between households and over time. Also, emissions spike and drop regularly, with or without the MA. For these reasons, averages over numerous tests must be calculated. The value of these numbers relies on the number of data points used to calculate them.

Following more data on the field performance of the MA, we hope to characterize the impacts on the users of the MA and on their communities. Cooking is one aspect of life in the village, and it has complex interactions with other aspects of life. For example, livestock grazing and export of resources are additional causes of deforestation in many villages. With the time a woman can save on wood collection and cooking, she might increase the number of animals she raises, or she might have the opportunity to go to school. While most would consider the latter purely an improvement in quality of life, the former may cause more damage to the forest than it prevents.

The Mewar Angithi stove insert is affordable, effective, non-intrusive, and simple to make and distribute. It has the potential to reduce smoke-related diseases and illnesses in over 40% of the world’s population and help protect forests that support people and local ecosystems. We aim to deploy more samples in India and Africa and conduct more extensive field-testing. 

8.3 The Field Deployments
9. Towards Moral Singularity
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