Meet the Meatocracy

“If you are not at the table as an equal, then you are on the menu!”

— Tony Gonzalez, American Indian Movement

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This is the story of the “Meatocracy” and our global campaign to evolve beyond it. The “Meatocracy” comprising Big Meat, Big Pharma, Big Chem and Big Media is the weakest link in the “Corporatocracy” that is destroying the planet, torturing the animals and ruining our health, because it is entirely dependent on our willingness to play along. To follow this story, please begin by watching “The Films THEY Don’t Want You To See.” Then click on the links below to see:

Who Are THEY?

What Do THEY Want?

What Can WE Do About It?

We trust you find it as intriguing and inspiring as we do!


Paul Berry, Waking Justice;
Denise Bitz, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue;
Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn, Cowspiracy and What the Health;
Don Hardy and Dana Nachman, The Human Experiment;
Sailesh Rao, Climate Healers; and
the citizen-activists of the Save the Animals, Save the Earth campaign and the Sacred Lifeline project.

Who Are THEY?
Sailesh Rao
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  • Mike Roddy
    Posted at 17:01h, 30 April Reply

    The US will unfortunately be one of the last countries to get away from meat. Lobbyists and their employers are in charge, and going up against the meat industry is just as tough as fighting the oil companies, if not more so, since included are the giant cattle feed producing farms.

    Not much of a path to cleaning up Congress unless we step up educational efforts. Thanks for the work you are doing here.

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