What Can We Do About It?

“What the Caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the Butterfly”

— Richard Brach

The Meatocracy is the soft underbelly of the BigFour because it is fully dependent on consumer choice. And the Meatocracy is most strategic to the immediate concerns about runaway climate change and mass species extinction. So, we can begin by exposing the Meatocracy’s shell game of corporate-funded climate science, thereby uncovering the most accessible solutions to stalling and even reversing climate change!

For starters, we need an independent, transparent assessment that separates the junk science of corporate-funded climate change research from legitimate climate change science.

The corporate-funded research claims that GAAg only contributes 14.5% of GHGs to annual GHG emissions*. These statistics are organized by researchers of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN). The FAO is chock full of GAAg industry insiders who are mostly food and agriculture scientists*. Very few FAO scientists have relevant credentials to perform environmental assessment for climate change research.

Yet the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) continues to propagate the FAO’s research to member countries of the annual international climate change talks, to “guide” their negotiations on GHG reductions.

Some of the most respected environmental scientists in the world (with whole careers studying climate science) have openly and repeatedly questioned the scientific legitimacy of the FAO’s climate change model*. Citing core, fundamental flaws in the FAO’s accounting methodology, respected independent scientists have countered that GAAg is responsible for closer to 51% or greater of annual GHGs*.

GAAg industry insiders among the FAO have ducked and dodged the expert criticisms with yet more junk science, leaving the matter virtually unresolved. Of course, the corporate media has completely ignored this epic controversy.

This massive, unresolved discrepancy (of 14.5% vs. 51% (or greater)) presents an unprecedented margin of error among the echelons of primary science, especially for subject matter as serious as the planetary crisis of climate change. It reeks of corruption.

Such unprecedented controversy among scientists on such a serious concern as climate change and at such a precarious moment in human history demands certain and immediate resolution. That’s why we are planning an independent, transparent assessment of GAAg’s contributions to climate change to resolve this massive discrepancy once and for all. 

We have secured agreement with one of the world’s most trusted and respected carbon/land use experts to conduct a transparent, peer-reviewed study of GAAg’s total impacts to climate change. To protect the autonomy of the scientist and their research team against corporate influencers, we are launching the first-ever crowdfunding effort to fund a peer-reviewed, fully transparent and independent climate research initiative. Please stay tuned!

Next, we can accelerate the adoption of Veganism. While the Meatocracy has manufactured controversy over the climate change contribution of GAAg using corrupt science, there is no such controversy over the fact that GAAg is the leading cause of biodiversity loss and species extinctions. Wild animals are dying because humans are killing them to make room for GAAg. Insects are dying because humans are poisoning them to grow monoculture crops for GAAg. Just as Mahatma Gandhi spearheaded the Khadi movement in the early 20th century to persuade the people of India to change their clothes from British clothes to home-spun Khadi clothes, we must persuade our fellow humans today to transition to a Vegan diet and pull the rug out from under the Meatocracy. To paraphrase Gandhi,

It is our duty to induce people, by every honest means, to go Vegan.”

Time is of the essence. We can no longer condone the view that diet is a personal choice. When our diet affects water, soil, air, animals, starving people and all life on Earth, it is clearly everyone’s business.

Finally, we can work on the software, hardware and process infrastructure for the new Vegan World of the Butterfly, a world where equality and sustainability are structurally built-in from the outset and where open-source, software-assisted, eco-governance in a truly participatory democracy is our political future.

Let’s get to work!

What Do THEY Want?
Sailesh Rao
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