Why the Dairy Industry is a Dystopian Horror

Lately I’ve been asking myself some existential questions –  contemplating if I grew up in a dystopian nightmare, blissfully unaware that I was part of a horrifying regime.

Surrounded by the green rolling hills of the English countryside, with ‘happy’ cows grazing in the fields, my childhood sounds idyllic, and it was.

At least it seemed that way to me, but the industry that my family farm is a part of has a dreadful underbelly that no one wants you to know about.

I am the daughter and grand-daughter and great-grand daughter of dairy and beef farmers with dairy and beef farming aunties, uncles, cousins, and family friends.

You would think I would be well aware of exactly what happens to dairy cattle.

I remember my dad complaining of his difficulties with TB tests, mastitis, laminitis, milk fever, milk quota, but I realized I had never really spoken to my dad about what he does in detail, and he’s never volunteered the information.

Dairy is Scary is a short, but powerful documentary, and I credit it with giving me the final push which turned me vegan. It started to make me wonder if the family business I had always thought was an upstanding institution of the British countryside was actually an integral part of a regime of violence, abuse, torture, and death…


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Sailesh Rao
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