Dancing with Al Gore

In Hindu mythology, the figure of Nataraja is an embodiment of the Dancer/Danced metaphor for human existence. In the metaphor, each human being is the Danced, while the Universe is the Dancer. For a truly awakened human being, the Dance is one of perfect bliss, which occurs when all mental blinders are off and the Danced lets the Dancer lead.

But that is easier said than done.

The principles of Yoga tell us that there are four main categories of human beings: 1) those who can cast off their mental blinders and be transformed through reason (intellect – Gnana Yoga), 2) those who can be transformed through devotion (heart – Bhakti Yoga), 3) those who can be transformed through service (action – Karma Yoga), and 4) those who can be transformed through spiritual practices (mind – Raja Yoga). Of course, as is always the case in the universe, these are soft boundaries within and across human beings.

Al Gore is truly passionate about climate change and has spent a considerable part of his adult life working on it. He has transformed a lot of people with his slide show and advocacy work, including me, and I am eternally grateful to him for it. However, the majority of the population cannot be transformed by appealing to reason alone and he is getting increasingly frustrated by it. Being human, he naturally has blinders as well and meat and other over-consumption appears to be among those. And he would have discovered that he is precisely in the same category of humans who can’t be transformed by appeals to reason with respect to his own blinders, if he had only listened to the messages arising from the Operation Missing Link action over the past three days. Unfortunately, people in his station get their messages filtered through their staff and usually lose out on such valuable lessons.

I wish Al Gore well in his dance. As far as I am concerned, he is part of the Dancer who is sending me messages with respect to my own blinders. And I better pay attention and listen.

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Sailesh Rao
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