A Rare Cyclone in Gujarat and the Grandmothers Prod Trudeau

“Tradition is the social equivalent of personal habit” – Hassan Fathy.


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Dear Climate Healers,

Dr. Nandita Shah founded the Sanctuary for Health and Reconnection to Animals and Nature (SHARAN) in 2005. I joined her and over thirty of her SHARAN facilitators at their annual retreat in The Hidden Oasis (THO), a sanctuary founded by Dr. Durriya and Yunus Shipchandler, about an hour outside of Pune in Maharashtra.

The work that SHARAN does healing people is at the core of Climate Healing due to the Oxygen Mask rule. In an airplane emergency, we need to put on our own oxygen masks first before helping others. Likewise, in our planetary emergency, we need to heal ourselves first before we can heal the planet.

Heal ourselves mainly from the self-loathing traditions that make us choose to bash innocent seal pups on their heads on the Eastern coast of Canada, massacre dolphins in the Faroe Islands of Denmark or Taiji in Japan, slaughter buffaloes in Gadimai, Nepal, desecrate motherhood by separating baby calves from mother cows in the dairy industry, while butchering 80 billion land animals and suffocating 1-3 trillion sea animals worldwide for “food” that makes people chronically ill.

Surely, we are smarter than that. And the faculty and students at every school and university I visited in Surat and Ahmedabad in Gujarat agreed with that assessment. The students at the Millennium School in Surat pledged to go Vegan at least one day a month, for starters, and then increase the frequency of vegan days until the Pinky Promise is kept.

The Pinky Promise story affected the students at the Fountainhead school in Surat as well as the students at the National Institute of Design and the faculty and students of the Institute of Law at Nirma University in Ahmedabad. Everyone agreed that the Pinky Promise is sacred and must be kept by our generation. They agreed that in future generations, no child should ever have to sit up in bed and bawl that people are eating her family.

A rare March cyclone in Gujarat was a timely reminder that climate change is here and will not wait for the passage of a generation to make life uncomfortable for us humans, if we choose to stick to these self-loathing traditions.

The Million Vegan Grandmothers Prod Trudeau

Meanwhile, the Million Vegan Grandmothers were on Prime Minister Trudeau’s case, prodding him to stop government subsidies for the seal pup head bashing activities of misguided Canadians:

“Date: March 15, 2023

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2
Ph: 613-941-6900
Email: justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

March 15th, the International Day of Action against the Canadian seal hunt, marks the peak of the seal-killing season on the east coast of Canada. We urge your government to put a permanent end to this cruel, economically irrational, and politically damaging tradition.

As you know, every year hundreds of thousands of seals are shot and/or clubbed to death, the vast majority pups under three months old. As if the use of a club for slaughter were not inhumane enough, a famous report from 2001 found that 42% of cranial injuries observed in dead seals would not even have guaranteed their unconsciousness during the skinning process.

For us million vegan grandmothers, these moral objections to the seal hunt are more than sufficient; however, we feel compelled to remind you of the hunt’s economic irrationality. As a proportion of sealers’ total income, the contribution of the seal hunt is small—according to one study, 5%. The relative contribution of the industry to the provincial economies in which the seal hunt takes place is even smaller. Therefore, we urge the Canadian government to stop spending millions of taxpayer dollars on subsidizing the slaughter—to the point where subsidies likely exceed economic contribution.

We contend that whatever small political gains may be made by such subsidies at a regional level, the seal hunt is politically damaging both nationally and internationally. On the international front, no fewer than three dozen countries have already banned products from Canada’s commercial seal hunt. Furthermore, your government’s sincere commitment to sustainability is belied by the blatant unsustainability of this practice. Already menaced by the effects of global warming on sea ice, seal populations will not survive much longer the brutal, annual assault.

As a group of concerned Canadian and non-Canadian citizens, we strongly urge you, on moral, economic, and political grounds, to end your government’s support for the seal hunt and exercise your power to have this annual slaughter banned.


The Million Vegan Grandmothers
Climate Healers
3145 E Chandler Blvd #110-233
Phoenix, AZ 85048
t: +1-732-809-3526
e: grandmothers@climatehealers.org
w: https://climatehealers.org/million-vegan-grandmothers”

Please copy this letter and send it on to Prime Minister Trudeau, so that he is jointly and severally prodded to do the needful.

The Natural Cycle Deception

In the Natural Cycle deception, the UN IPCC arbitrarily classifies the following CO2 emissions from the animal agricultural industry as part of the natural CO2 cycle and therefore, do not have to be counted as part of anthropogenic (human caused) greenhouse gas emissions:

1) The CO2 emissions from the deliberate burning of all uneaten regenerating vegetation on grazing lands in the form of pasture maintenance fires (please see the cover of Glen Merzer’s book, Food is Climate);

2) The CO2 emissions from the respiration of farmed animals, who currently constitute an equivalent biomass that is TWELVE times the weight of all the wild animals that lived 10,000 years ago; and

3) The CO2 emissions from the bottom trawling of 4 BILLION acres of the ocean floor each year by the fishing industry.

Nature is still desperately trying to heal and sequesters most of these blatantly anthropogenic emissions and only allows an extra 17.6 Billion tons of CO2 to be added to the atmosphere each year. Therefore, if we count all of these emissions, the Airborne Fraction would be much less than 45%.

Thank you for your support.

HELP us every day to

Heal the planet.
Eat plants.
Love animals.
Plant trees.

It’s that simple.

Thanks again for being a superhero and joining our herd. Please forward this post to all your friends and let’s grow our MOOOvement together.

With much love,
Sailesh on behalf of Vega, Cow and Climate Healer and the Climate Healers core team
(Akhil, Alison, Anne, BJ, Carl, Chip, Debra, Gabriele, Ilse, Jamen, Kelly, Ken, Kimaya, Krish, Maggie, Marco, Paige, Pareen, Ray, Sailesh, Sarah, Shankar, Stacey, Tami and Vega, the Cow and Climate Healer).

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