Transformations Galore in TamilNadu

“When a choice is a personal choice, you can be private about it. When a choice impacts all life on earth, you have to be vocal about it” – Heather Cooper.

Dear Climate Healer,

The Climate Healers tag line reads:
Transform yourself.
Transform our world.
In the state of TamilNadu, the combination of a presentation on “” followed by a screening of The Land Of Ahimsa seemed to galvanize people into transforming themselves and therefore transforming our world.

When people listen to the presentation on the Climate Healers story of humans belonging in Nature, starting with the Climate HEATing phase and now taking a right turn to implement our next Climate Healing phase, it is all logical, but intellectual. When people watch the Land Of Ahimsa, they seem to get that emotional kick to get up and do something about it.

It happened to two students from IIT Madras who came to both our events in Chennai and resolved to act and spread the word on Veganism. Anyone can go with the herd and continue to HEAT the climate, but it takes courage to go against the herd and heal the climate.

“Do you have the courage to go Vegan?”

That’s the sign these students want to put up around the beautiful IIT campus to do an Earthling Ed style outreach and galvanize students into demanding a default Vegan policy in their institution.

Another lactovegetarian member of our audience in Chennai ditched dairy after watching the documentary and shocked his family on Krishna Janmashtami day, the birthday of Lord Krishna on Aug 19. His family couldn’t believe that he refused the dairy sweets prepared to celebrate that day.

The dairy dominoes are toppling everywhere around the world, not just in India. A Lactalis Canada plant in Sudbury, Ontario will stop producing dairy products and start producing plant based alternatives on September 30.

Go Vegan!

When Dolly Vyas-Ahuja went vegan overnight after watching Gary Yourofsky’s speech on Youtube, she felt compelled to tell the world about it. We are so grateful that she decided to go back to her motherland and make a documentary about The Land of Ahimsa and the birthplace of Yoga. Yoga and Ahimsa are the two pillars of a Climate Healing civilization that we need to resurrect from the ashes of the Climate HEATing civilization that is on its last embers today.

That resurrection is already happening in Auroville, especially in Sadhana Forest, where we did the same one-two combination of a presentation in the afternoon at the beautiful Tibetan Pavilion followed by the screening in the evening at Sadhana Forest. Vega was able to look around Auroville and approve of all the greenery that abounds there.

After the screening of The Land of Ahimsa, we spent hours with the Sadhana forest team discussing their crucial role in helping nature regenerate throughout the world. Currently, they have all the resources but lack the volunteer power they need for the three new Sadhana forest projects in Meghalaya, India (the Government of Meghalaya has actually offered to fund 52 Sadhana forest projects, one in each district of Meghalaya!) and one in Namibia, Africa.

Therefore, if you would like to live among a well-fed, amazing group of Vegan activists and spend a month/year to serve Mother Nature, please spread the word and hurry on over to Sadhana Forest.

And be prepared to be awed!

With much love,
Sailesh on behalf of Dolly, Pareen, Akhil, Vega, Cow and Climate Healer and the Climate Healers team.

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Sailesh Rao
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  • Pareen Sachdeva
    Posted at 03:44h, 21 August Reply

    Here’s to transforming ourselves and transforming our world 💚

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