World Food Healers Day Or A Tale Of Two Events

“Compassion encircles the Earth for all beings everywhere” – Dr. Will Tuttle.


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Dear Climate Healers,

Throughout history, truth and compassion have always won out in the end. And so it was this past weekend as two contrasting events unfolded.

World Food Healers day was celebrated around the world this weekend from Peru to Perth, Australia, from Ghana to Sedona, Arizona, and from Vadalur, India to Los Angeles, California, with millions of healthy whole foods, plant-based Universal vegan meals served to people from all walks of life, for free. It laid the foundation for a new healthy food system and our decentralized, grassroots organizing around this goal of providing such healthy, whole foods, plant-based Universal vegan meals to everyone will serve as the foundation for a new eco-governance system for the emerging Climate Healing civilization of the future.

World Food Healers day, Nov 19, 2022, was also Kimaya’s 12th birthday and our family spent that day serving hot vegetable bean and pasta Unity stew to houseless people in central Phoenix. Bev and Don at Healthy World Sedona distributed meal kits to 120 families that enabled them to cook six servings of lentil soup each following a nutrition and cooking class conducted by Chris Kalinich of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, PCRM’s Food for Life program. Alison and Ken Hamje of WisdomHaus helped serve 600 vegan meals at six locations through the Community Kitchens that are ubiquitous in Peru.

Dolly Vyas-Ahuja, glowing from the success of “The Land Of Ahimsa” film debut on the Plant Based News Youtube channel, cooked up a storm for Food Healers, teaming up with Food Not Bombs in Houston, TX, for the food distribution. Rev. Beth Love at Eat for the Earth served Thanksgiving style meals to 125 people in Watsonville, CA, with left over food, also given to Food Not Bombs for later distribution. Rebecca Allen and Stacey Eisenberg served Unity stew with Immune Boosters in Lockhart, TX, while Shankar B, Saurabh Dalal, Linesh and friends celebrated WFH day in Washington, DC with donations to restaurants, DC Vegan, NuVegan and Loving Hut. Naijha Wright-Brown served up delicious vegan meals through the Land of Kush in Baltimore, MD and Eloisa Trinidad of Chilis on Wheels did the same at Tompkins Square park in New York City.

The Vallalar Vegan Food Healers community served healthy, delicious vegan food at numerous locations around the world on World Food Healers day – Rishikesh, Villupuram, Tirunelveli, Negamam, Tiruvannamalai, Auroville, Tiruppur and Palani in India, Perth in Australia, Dhangadi in Nepal and Tamale in Ghana. Of course, the oven lit by Vallalar in 1867 at Sathya Dharma Salai in Vadalur, India, has been burning continuously for 155 years with volunteers cooking and serving free, healthy vegan food every day. The state government of Tamil Nadu in India has now set up a committee to celebrate the 200th birth anniversary of Vallalar in 2023, next year.

On Sunday, there was a distribution of nearly 100,000 vegan meals through 10 Sikh Gurudwaras in New Delhi, India, orchestrated by Kashish Gambhir of Karmicbuzz Spirituality. Vega, the Cow made a majestic appearance in Santa Monica, California, where vegan food cooked at the Sanatan Dharma Temple in Norwalk, CA, sponsored by the Joy of Sharing foundation, was given away, along with Aqua Fresca, to over 800 people. The infectious party atmosphere at Santa Monica beach was inspiring for all of us. We can easily imagine having a party like that every day, everywhere to heal the earth’s climate, not to mention human health, while uplifting all our spirits in the process.

While there is much to celebrate from these successes on World Food Healers day, there is also much to learn from the failures – our failure to meet the target of 1 billion meals served, our failure to get commercial enterprises such as restaurants and larger organizations fully engaged. I’m grateful for these learning opportunities and will begin the process of humbly reaching out to our co-convenors one by one, once this holiday season is over.

It is estimated that 3 billion people around the world do not have regular access to healthy whole-foods, plant-based vegan meals, while most of the other 5 billion people have been deceived by our education and political systems into consuming animal-based foods that make them sick. This is the Climate HEATing food system that was still serving meat, dairy, fish and eggs at the other event that concluded this weekend, the UN climate change meeting, COP-27, in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

After a two-week long negotiating process, COP-27 ended with a 11th hour agreement that the global North will compensate the global South for loss and damage due to climate change. This agreement was struck after the United States reversed course on “loss and damage.” It was breathlessly reported by the compliant press that if this agreement sticks, it would be the “biggest advance” on global climate policy since the Paris agreement. Not that the Paris agreement has made much of a dent on greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere yet, as the record shows.

Of course, the press also reported that getting legislative support for this 11th hour agreement will be difficult in the capitals of the global North. Meanwhile, the United States pledged to lead efforts to halt deforestation at COP-27, while at home, the US administration was considering massive old growth forest logging projects.

In other words, countries were doing one thing while saying the opposite in UN negotiating circles at COP-27. The non-negotiating attendees at COP-27 weren’t much better as you can see here. Therefore, it is high time that we mothball this dysfunctional UN process that studiously ignores animal agriculture, the leading cause of climate change responsible for 87% of greenhouse gas emissions on an annual basis. Instead, imagine that we take matters into our own hands and celebrate World Food Healers day every day from hereon out to heal the earth’s climate with integrity!

Indeed, what have we got to lose, except our precious planet?

Thank you for your support.

HELP US on World Food Healers day and every day to

Heal the planet.
Eat plants.
Love animals.
Plant trees.

It’s that simple.

Thanks again for being a superhero and joining our herd. Please forward this post to all your friends and let’s grow our MOOvement together.

With much love,
Sailesh on behalf of Vega, Cow and Climate Healer and the Climate Healers team.

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Sailesh Rao
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