Does Human Rights Have a Supremacy Problem?

It is unfortunately true that most human rights proponents argue against animal rights, with some even claiming that it can lead to human atrocities such as the Holocaust. Yet, it is no coincidence in my mind that animal rights proponents are overly represented by Jews, as well as women and minorities who have traditionally felt prejudice and oppression, and are able to empathize with it better. I am the son of a Holocaust survivor myself. For me, “Never Again” is not just for Jews. It is an admonition to the entire world to learn from the past, and evolve society away from all forms of prejudice and oppression. For me, it is the complete opposite of what

“Never Again” should mean to use it as a way to say that other prejudices and oppressions are not important in comparison so therefore let’s keep being prejudiced and oppressing others who we deem less important than ourselves. It seems rather repulsive and the lowest of the low to use one oppression to denigrate and perpetuate other oppressions, rather than learning from one oppression to fight all oppression.

If there’s one thing the Holocaust should teach us, it’s the evils of supremacy. Yet here we are with no shortage of human rights proponents telling us what’s wrong with the world is that we need more supremacy.

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Sailesh Rao
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