Vegan World 2026! – the Moonshot of our Generation


A global change to a nonviolent Vegan lifestyle is becoming more and more urgent today. In our Prevent Year ZERO campaign, we show that if things don’t change, humans are on track to kill virtually 100% of all wildlife by 2026, mainly to support our dairy and meat consumption. At the Montefiore Cardiac Wellness Conference, Dr. Kim Williams, the former President of the American College of Cardiology, said that if things don’t change, Medicare will be bankrupt by 2026 within the US health care system. At the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), climate scientists predict that if things don’t change, we will trigger cataclysmic climate catastrophes by 2030!

This means things WILL change!

Indeed, change is the only constant in the Universe. Later this month, a dedicated group of amazing individuals are coming from all over the world to attend the Vegan World 2026! Conference in Phoenix to put some cohesiveness and structure around this change. The aim of this Conference is to accelerate the adoption of Veganism with the goal of achieving a largely Vegan World by 2026. This will be a historic gathering to initiate a process for creating an open source “Best Practices” or “How To” manual for a system of normalized nonviolence, to be available for widespread deployment in a Vegan World, no later than 2026.

We have done this before. In the early 1990s, the Internet was a hodgepodge of hardware and software technologies and the user experience was not very good. While the Internet promised a major change in human lifestyles from the Telephony era, there were many doubters during that time. Newsweek carried an article in 1995 saying that the Internet was going nowhere, that no one would want to buy things off the internet or read articles and books on the Internet. Back then, the prevalent Internet technologies used analog data communication methods and were quite slow and unreliable, which didn’t make for a good user experience. I remember having to dial up using a voice band modem and download emails from a server every two hours. Even when continuously connected to the server, my web browser invariably showed a hour glass as the web pages loaded slowly.

Around that time, however, superior digital communication methods were becoming available due to advances in silicon technologies which could speed up Internet communication links by orders of magnitude and make them robust. A dedicated group of engineers came together under the auspices of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) to work out how best to connect computers and switches using these digital communication methods and open-source software technologies, so that Internet user experiences improved considerably. We met every 4 months in “Plenary Conferences” where we made decisions on technical issues and checked each other’s work to ensure that every part of our specifications worked together seamlessly. We had interim meetings in between Plenaries if there were urgent issues that needed resolution. We had “Working Groups” on major aspects of the Internet communications protocol and “Task Forces” within each working group to iron out the details of each communications channel – one for copper wiring, one for fiber, etc. We formed “Study Groups” with the intent to get approval for future Task Forces from the Working Group through a Project Authorization Request process. We wrote “interoperability specifications” or rather, “How To” manuals for the nuts and bolts of the Internet and made them freely available to the general public.

The IEEE created a robust process for ensuring the integrity of our work product. Attendees at the plenary conferences were expected to behave as members of the IEEE and not as employees of corporations. Anyone could attend and vote on the technical decisions, provided they were members of the IEEE and of the Working Group. By 2003, in 8 short years from when the Newsweek article was published, the Internet exploded and became an integral part of our daily lives. Businesses adopted our specifications as “IEEE Project 802 compliant” became a sought-after stamp of approval for equipment procurers.

There are close parallels between the internet of the 1990s and the Vegan movement today. Globally, we are poised to transition our lifestyles from an unsustainable Carnist culture of normalized violence to a sustainable Vegan culture of normalized nonviolence. Many doubters abound. The mainstream media mainly ignores and even marginalizes the Vegan movement as a fringe phenomenon. Even the scientific community largely ignores the efficacy of the Vegan lifestyle, viewing a culture of normalized nonviolence as unattainable. However, superior organizational methods have now become available due to advances in cryptography and software technologies and it is now possible to create systems of governance that don’t require huge concentrations of power. It is these concentrations of power which lead to corruption and normalized violence at the hands of imperfect human beings. A system that avoids concentrations of power would be far more robust than one which depends on imperfect human beings to fill powerful roles.

During the Vegan World 2026! Conference, we will decide on “Working Groups” to tackle every aspect of the new system of normalized nonviolence. We will decide on how often we should meet and how we can ensure continuity and participation from diverse communities. We will explore questions within each Working Group and identify potential “Task Forces” and form “Study Groups” to delve into possible solutions. We will work out processes for ensuring the integrity of our work products, even with diverse participation from across the globe.

A Vegan World by 2026 is the moonshot of our generation. President Kennedy delivered his moonshot address at Rice University in Houston, TX, in 1962 and challenged that we land a man on the moon by the end of that decade, in 8 years. Our scientists responded to this challenge and Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins landed on the moon in 1969, 7 years after the speech was delivered, a year ahead of schedule.

Likewise, we are determined to realize a Vegan World by 2026, 8 years from when we launched this campaign in 2018. How soon will we accomplish our objective? Please join us and help make it happen!

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Sailesh Rao
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  • Mike Roddy
    Posted at 23:40h, 09 October Reply

    These are noble goals, and it’s about time the problems with eating flesh are going
    to be addressed in a systematic manner. Land use is way undervalued in IPCC emissions reports, and I look forward to seeing papers at the event on that subject.

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